Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Idyl


iOpener said...

Not quite on point but the photo reminds me of a small Canadian paradise. Lussier hot springs on Lussier creek.

That water is hot and one tempers it by removing as many rocks as necessary between the hot pool and the bitterly cold glacier water of Lussier creek.

Rodger the Real King of France said...


Jess said...

I hope that's not a boiling hot spring.

drew458 said...

Like, Kauai-wowie man. Neat place, but if you're not careful it will kill you.

Eskyman said...

When I was a kid, (a long time ago, sigh) I walked across Kilauea Crater, and have a certificate naming me as one of "Pele's Pooped Pedestrians," a gag certificate given out by someone in the USN (my Dad was LtCdr.)

After the walk my family and I went for a swim, at a beautiful rain-forested swimming hole nearby, where cold spring water tumbling down over the rocks mixed with hot spring water; you could pick the temperature you liked by swimming around. One part was blocked off, that's where the water was really hot. My mother was convinced we were all going to be par-broiled to death, but it was really delightful. Ferns grew all around, and flowers.

It was paradise on Earth. I would have liked to stay there forever!

That whole area is gone now, like it never existed at all. Lava has covered it.

Unknown said...

My own favorite hot springs are McCredie hot springs just off Hwy 58 near Oakridge, OR (where you can just pull off the highway and jump in) and Las Grutas (The Grottoes) outside San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico.

Juice said...

Love this photo! Worlds away from today.
I would so be that lady joined by my fabulous husband. We have photographic evidence of ourselves on Ios (Greek island) nud'n it. Would do it again today. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure that asstronut isnt wearing his space suit so this photo is irrefutable proof that JFK drowned with mary jo and the moon landing was a PBS project.


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