Friday, November 10, 2017

Srsly? A man in his early 30s dated teenage girls.

“There is nothing to see here,” Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler told the Washington Examiner. “The allegations are that a man in his early 30s dated teenage girls. Even the Washington Post report says that he never had sexual intercourse with any of the girls and never attempted sexual intercourse.[FULL]
I'm now sorry that I've spent so much time calling Dems a pack of lying pieces of crap eating MFCS, because when I say it now it's lost much of its sting. But they are nevertheless still a bunch of MFCS! 


clayusmcret said...

Democrats, once again, figure out a way to split the republican vote. And once again, the republican establishment blissfully follows along like lambs to the slaughter. Idiots, effing idiots.

Anonymous said...

He (Moore) may be a scumbag, but somehow the "mechanics" of the accusation (taking off his clothes, but then making her touch him THROUGH his underwear; Really?) don't ring true. We think this story stinks. But yes, the very premise of a 30+ yr. old just keeping company with a teenage girl is disturbing.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Anonymous said...

It's MORE likely that this is another Mississippi Cochran stunt...
...and, that it's the GOPe pulling the strings.
GOP accusers.
"The Usual suspects" of GOPe slimeballs coming out en masse to decry Moore.

My money would be on the GOPe.

Anonymous said...

My money is with ^^^ , this reeks of a Mitch da Bitch & Haley Barbour & Nephew hit job, just like they did in Mississippi!

I got money on it.


for that POS McLame, If your statement is the standard, why didn't you quit {and do us all a favor} in 2008, when the nySlimes accused you?

Anonymous said...

I recall the Edwin Edwards quote: "The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy."

Anonymous said...

Moore has been running for different elections for decades here in Alabama, and the Democrats (and some local Republicans) hate him with a passion. Given how acrimonious Alabama politics has been, I find it incredible that some local newshound hasn't dug this up long ago.

And note that the WaPo article doesn't have a byline. Don't you think some reporter would love to claim credit for a kill, like Bernstein and Woodward did for Watergate?

This stinks of a hit job, and folks down here aren't buying it. Especially if the goal is replacement with that swamp critter, Luther Strange.

Drew458 said...

How like the Dems to weaponize the #MeToo movement. A few more of these, and they'll set women back 60 years ... "she's lying to protect her reputation" "look how she was dressed she was asking for it" ... or the Sharia version "you need 4 male witnesses". And of course they'll blame it all on the "Republican War On Women".

I'm beginning to feel that nearly all of these "he molested me / made me uncomfortable / said pervy things to me thirty years ago" stories are all BS. It's like the Race Card. Played once or twice, it's potent. Played 10,000 times a day, it becomes nothing more than a lever.

Dan said...

As was said above, Given how acrimonious Alabama politics has been, I find it incredible that some local newshound hasn't dug this up long ago.

Wasn't there some guy running for Senator or something who [had an accusation come up, lost or withdrew from the race, then was exonerated] just a few years ago? Oddly, I think he was Republican, also.

Anonymous said...

Drew458, Perhaps the point of playing the card 10,000 times per day is exactly intended to deactivate the molestation card before someone credible comes forward with something on some important Democrats. Maybe something much worse than we already know about Bill Clinton?

Don Curton said...

That's old school behavior. Work hard as a young man, establish yourself in a career, become successful, then start looking for a wife. Which means an older man dating a younger woman. Used to be the way of things. Early thirties and late teens wasn't odd 50 years ago. And if he was looking for a virgin to marry in Alabama, he'd probably need to start looking at very young teens or very ugly teens, your pick. At least he didn't pick a cousin.

rickn8or said...

" At least he didn't pick a cousin."

You mean like FDR??

OregonGuy said...

What about a pattern of behaviour? As I've been able to suss, there were several young women involved with the judge, one of whom he married. With the single exception, all have reported that he behaved respectfully toward them.

All of us have patterns of behaviour. How we meet and greet, deal with, respond to, others. Look for the consistency of behaviour, and then detect the outlier. A man, his pattern of behaviour, and what, seventy years of that behaviour? And he married a young, Christian woman and has lived faithfully with her since?

Red herring, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Oregon Guy, how 'bout spelling "behavior" the way we do on THIS side of the fucking pond?

Anonymous said...

"And did it keep either of them from being free?" should have been "And did it keep either of them from being reelected?" Spel-chek is a little too smart for its own damn good.

rickn8or said...

Anonymous, not only that Teddy the Swimmer gave the Obama "daughters" a Water Dog for a present.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

"behavior" Anon: speling dunt count for much in comments as long as the message is clear. Oui?

OregonGuy said...


You were able to pick up a pattern of behavior, and you zeroed in on that pattern.


Red herring, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember the old ads for International Paper that used to appear in the Reader's Digest? They said, "Send me a man who reads!" Spelling indicates whether a person actually reads or not. It goes to not only level of education, but to a person's powers of observation and attention to detail.

pdwalker said...


The whole thing is yet another obvious hit job by the democrats.

Eskyman said...

Half my life has been spent overseas. Now that I'm back home I can't get used to calling a "bell pepper" anything but a "capsicum," as that's what it's called in Australia; cars have boots & bonnets & windscreens in the same way.

I can't imagine getting upset because someone used the British or Aussie spelling for a word if the meaning is clear.

It apparently bothers others when I forget which side of the street to drive on, though! (Don't ask me how I know.)

pdwalker said...

I feel your pain. People just get upset over the littlest of things.

I’ve made that mistake a couple of times. People scream so.

It’s annoying.

Now, when I get in the car, I always tell myself that the driver should be closest to the middle of the road and I’ve not made that mistake since.

Anonymous said...

So, Eskyman, you can't get used to calling a capsicum a bell pepper. But can you get used to calling a bell end a dickhead?

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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