Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Tinseltown Travelogue

People like me are foreigners in La La Land. The most unhinged voices in this liberal colony think we’re the worst scum imaginable – an idiotic, deplorable, irredeemable, unwashed clan they call right-wingers. Thankfully, many of us couldn’t care less what they think.. Andrew Breitbart warned of how much we were hated in this town, and set up Big Hollywood to even the playing field. And as the New York Times puts it – we’ve been “perfecting the art” of weaponizing their own words against them ever since.
Skoonj suggests THIS ADVENTURE


Anonymous said...

oh who cares. buncha pervs haven't made a good movie -- or anything much at all -- in years.

Go. Away.


Tom said...

Mention is made of a 'Kody Box' for streaming movies in one of the segments. Anyone have any knowledge or experience to share?

Eskyman said...


Here's a good place to begin:

I'd also suggest checking on YouTube, there are lots of videos about it & how to set it up & use it. A Web search would be a good idea too, there are a lot of articles about it as well.

I have it, but didn't do a very good job installing it, so I'm going to re-install after I've got my videos sorted out better. It's pretty neat, but takes a bit of learning to use it best! With it, you can stream TV & movies, play your own stuff (I have a lot of old movies, now on HDD) and lots more. Recommended!

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