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You see, there is no place where you will find a happier leftist than in that precious and influential spot between parent and child. Whether it is their public schools’ teaching first graders about homosexuality, their Disney Channels’ telling them boys can be princesses, or their New York Times’ normalizing (NSFW) this, using the State and billions of corporate dollars, these modern-day Caligulas are coming for the kids.


If you share this healthy instinct, this particular Times Thanksgiving Day piece, an article tailor-made to appeal to the pedophile/pederast demography, will undoubtedly bruise a piece of your soul.

Written by Bee Shapiro, the article features no less than six photographs of adolescent and even prepubescent boys wearing and putting on women’s makeup, and even posing in uncomfortably suggestive ways — including this ten-year-old.

Naturally, the Times glosses over its exercise in NAMBLA-ism by pretending that it is all just reporting, the capturing of a zeitgeist as little boys release the little girls buried deep inside of all of us.

South Park Nambla
The article justifies its existence through social media numbers, the legions of followers these sexed-up boys have been able to attract on Instagram and Twitter. For the man-in-the-raincoat crowd, the Times is even good enough to helpfully link these social media accounts, which include the kind of photos that would look perfect on the walls of Jared Fogle’s prison cell.

Oddly enough, the Times did not seem at all interested in examining just who might be following a social media account that features little boys made up like tarts staring directly into the camera.

The article further justifies itself with the notion that this kind of pre-teen sexualization is becoming the norm, is a healthy pushback against those awful “gender norms” (who’s anti-science now?), and that what we now have on our hands is a “seismic power shift in the beauty industry, which has thrust social media influencers to the top of the pecking order. Refreshingly, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and, more recently, genders.”

Yeah, no, we don’t.

Anyone who has spent any time outside knows that the documented mental illness [Full New York Times Barf]

As long as we're here wallowing in the insane Left's culture and its consequences Florida jury’s verdict thrown out because they weren’t tested for homophobia



Murphy(AZ) said...

There's a "test" for homophobia? Did I miss something? How are you going to successfully "test" a potential juror for homophobia?

LAWYER: Potential juror, do you like Gays?
POTENTIAL JUROR: (tells truth) Yes.

LAWYER: Potential juror, do you like Gays?
POTENTIAL JUROR: (tells lie) Yes.

Okay... what next?

How did those judges EVER get as far as a Federal Court with so little common sense?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

How did those judges EVER get as far as a Federal Court with so little common sense?

Answer: Presidents Clinton and Obama.

0007 said...

That judge obviously has never been to Key West. Heck, even back in the '60's when I was living there, everybody there knew at least one homosexual - and didn't really care one way or the other, 'cause most of the hetros were boffing someone besides their wife/steady girlfriend.

Unknown said...

I gave up on the NYT when I realized it was being written by and for homosexuals and Trotskyists, two frequently-overlapping demographics.

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