Friday, December 08, 2017

Franken Agonistes

"If you're trying to change minds and influence people it's probably not a good idea to say that virtually all elected Democrats are liars, but what the hell, they are" TRKOF

Franken Agonistes


Rush, yesterday, had a different take on Al Franken's resignation from the Senate (with Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren's plea being pivotal), than do I.  Rush's explanation was that the Dems are going to position  themselves as the party that cares about women -- as opposed to misogynist Roy Moore loving Republicans. 


It's significant that Pocahontas was the "swing" plea.  Because, Elizabeth Warren, along with a dozen other Donks, sees herself as the Party's 2020 presidential nominee.  It's no secret that  Al Franken was also seriously considering a run himself.  And, he had significant backing.  

I know this. I was scared to death of Franken.  He's the only Dem pol with charisma. He's  a polished debater who can couch any argument in humor.  There is nobody else on the horizon who can match him.  Pocahontas is nothing more than the self serving bitch we all have come to despise. 

Thank you Ms. Warren.


watsonrg said...

Doesn't have to be one motive or the other. I think it's both.

rickn8or said...


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Anonymous said...

"Charisma" and "Al Franken" in the same sentence? Even "Al Franken" and "humor" in the same sentence is questionable. But "charisma"? Are you on fucking GLUE?

Chris in NC said...

Agree with Richard. It could both. They will run against "pedophile and women hater" Moore. He will be their top fundraising topic. I never thought that Franken had a chance to run. He's a joke to most. But this takes that away regardless.

Regnad Kcin said...

I want to see Fauxcahontas and Moooochelle do a 2 out of 3 falls on pay-per-view for the title of Queen of the Damned and wins the 2020 Donk nomination. They'd be armed with spiked collars, brass knucks, razor-wire wrapped fungo bats, machetes, etc. No timeouts or fouls called. More ratings Gold !..........

Skoonj said...

Both should be sent to the Pit Of Misery. Dilly Dilly.

poletax said...

I would like to see Al prosecuted for election fraud.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Whatever you call it, the mere mention of any potential Dem candidate for 2020 causes my lunch to begin to churn and rise. Is there anyone in the Dem party with a lick of sense. Don't they realize that all the possible choices have histories as crooks, losers, or worse? Get a clue. Do like the Reps did for 2016, run a bunch of people nobody really wants, and come November, 2020, it will be Trump beats Sanders.

This whole thing is giving me a headache.

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