Friday, December 15, 2017



Anonymous said...

Can I hate those mof'ers yet?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Murphy(AZ) said...

Maybe it was just a stupid, unrehearsed comment, but my 60-plus years tell me that this bozo was so excited to be interviewed, to have his minute or two of fame, that he couldn't help but blab about things that will make his handlers cringe.

There is more than a little truth in the "excited utterance."

Anonymous said...

Which ones, Dick, the rat-bastards who stole it, or the rat-bastard RINO deep-state establishment whores who are gonna let 'em get away with it? And which group is worse?

I am so done with the alleged Republican party.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Sir H the Comet - All of them, esp. McConnell.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Bottom line. Roy Moore was a terrible candidate. Hillary terrible.

All the BS aside this guy is not who we need to go to war for.

If he were a man he would have dropped out when the shit first hit the fan about a 30 year old DA trolling the food court for cheerleaders.

But the he compounds things by blaming homos for his problems and declaring that he has a Jew lawyer and black friends.

And then decrying the lost morality of the country.

Good freaking Lord.

Bobby Ahr

Anonymous said...

Shove it, Bobby Ahr.
Moore was just fine.
Perfect/ideal/the best? No. But okay.

Blame the Dems. Blame the media. Blame the GOPe.
But Moore?! Shove it.

You Monday morning quarterback traitors can now go back
to your sanctimonious GOPe destructiveness elsewhere.

Eskyman said...

Somehow I'm not comforted to know that "my" team, the Republicrats, are much too nice and dainty to protest a stolen election. They'd never think of objecting while the other side destroys the ballots, so that nothing can be proven (besides, they had a hand in the defeat, and they prefer that to remain under-the-hat.)

Oh no, it would make things awkward, when having tea with the "opposition" while both of you are plotting to steal more cash from the taxpayers in a warm collegiate manner. Who wants an unfriendly atmosphere while you're being nefarious?

The Uniparty has two faces, and both are two-faced. They both speak with forked tongues, too! Aren't we lucky to be represented by such reprehensibles?

No; we're not. It would be nice if some of the rotten blowhards were on our side, and on the side of our President!

But then, it would also be nice to have a media that didn't continually lie as well. And to have people that refuse to believe the codswallop that the media serves up!

Murphy(AZ) said...

Next "between the terms" election will come in Arizona for Trent Franks Congressional seat. I'm no scholar, but I would be willing to bet that the leading Republican/Conservative candidate will be "Moored" in the last four to six weeks of the shortened campaign. Dems have seen success with this before (Trump, Moore, probably others,) they will continue to use the smear tactic until it no longer works for them.

Skip said...

Me, you, anyone with a pair and can read, will never subject themselves to a political campaign.
The entrenched will cut your nuts off from the day you were born, if threatened.

Skoonj said...

There was a poor choice of words by Roy Moore following the election. He used a term previous Alabamian, actually a governor, used decades ago. He said of the two parties that "there's not a dimes worth of difference" between them. My problem isn't with the facts or the sentiment. But that phrase was famously used by George Wallace. I'm sorry, if Moore didn't know that (he had to) and used it, I'm really glad he lost.

Eskyman said...

Oh Skoonj-

Good grief. My mother was from the South; she used that expression too, and she didn't use it to torture the slaves chained up in our basement. (She'd have fed them okra, which I found to be torture when it was served to me!)

Can you tell me what exactly IS the difference between the Evil Party and the Stupid Party (which supports the Evil Party) without using any common phrases? When you know that actually they're exactly the same party at the top, what I call the Uniparty? While considering that both the D's AND the R's did their best to sabotage Roy Moore's campaign, which they managed to do successfully, so that the phrase is exactly accurate?

I'm all ears!

Skoonj said...

Eskyman, I'm not arguing as to the accuracy of the phrase. But it was absolutely made famous by George Wallace, also of Alabama. I think it was his best remembered phrase. And Moore knows it. In, I think, 1968, I was at Madison Square Garden in NYC, where there was a George Wallace rally. I just wanted to see him then, and other candidates at other events. That one phrase was his calling card, and was all over the media as HIS phrase. Moore couldn't find another phrase? Had he won, and the phrase came out of his mouth, you can bet there would be a lot of MSM side-by-sides of Wallace and Moore. I don't care who else knows it or uses it. Wallace used it, and that's Moore's problem.

Eskyman said...

OK Skoonj-

I guess I just don't associate a common phrase with evil Democrats just because one of them used it. BJ Clinton smoked cigars, and infamously used a woman as a humidor; but I don't associate cigar smokers with molesters, just because he was one.

Maybe you're right; I never spent much time analyzing George Wallace, so I don't know his "calling card phrase." Mostly I just try to correct the Democrats who insist on calling Wallace a Republican; as we all know, Bad = Republican. That must be true, they tell us so in the media almost every day!

I guess there's also the point that I no longer pay attention to anything the media says. They lie, constantly and continuously, about everything, in strict obedience to their "narrative." If the media says that this phrase, which my mother used, is indicative of George Wallace- then my reaction is: that's another lie (as Ronaldus Magnus said, "There they go again.")

If the media showed side-by-sides of Wallace and Moore- well, there's another (potential) batch of lies. They didn't have to, this time: the election was stolen without any fuss.

Our President is often compared to a certain figure from the '30s, a goosestepping guy with a funny mustache; the media loves this comparison, and manage to find lots & lots of things that each man has said to prove they are clones of each other. That doesn't make any of those comparisons true, it just means the media lies. This business with Roy Moore being another George Wallace is crap. You should know it by its smell!

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