Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Staggeringly Stupid People


I'm a Millenial Short and Stout

What if I said the sample group were California students?

Try as I might (and I have, over and over), I cannot see a solution to this that does not in involve a 'holocaust" of sort.  I've lived a good life, and won't really have to endure the consequences of this idiocy, but ... still. 


Chris in NC said...

There is no other solution. It's not pleasant to think of either. Like you, I've lived a good life and if I can help my country and family by fighting it, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who's reaction to Old Glory is to say "Fuck America" should have that flagpole shoved all the way up their rectum, forthwith, and then they should be put on a plane or ship to the country of their choice, never to return.

Caballero Andante

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