Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Too many to be a coincidence?


Family Guy Predictions
What else does Seth MacFarlene know?

Too many to be a coincidence? Boston Bombing, Caitlin Jenner, Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, now Tom Cruise? What else does Seth MacFarlane know and what else has Family Guy been trying to tell us? Warning or Predictive Programming? How much truth is hidden as "fiction"?

Sadly, the Bush "allegation" resonates. The Mena connection, IMO, would explain the bizarre buddy-buddy relationship we see today.


Jul 21, 1994 - It's all out there, and more, and in most cases the goings-on at the Mena airport figure at least peripherally into the equation. ... In "Compromised: ClintonBush and the CIA," Reed writes that he was an intimate of Seal's, and says they were both at the center of an extensive, Arkansas-based CIA effort to train ...

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Anonymous said...

Deep state fire triangle:

Oxygen + fuel + ignition source = nothing to see here, just move along.

Sir H the Comet

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