Thursday, December 21, 2017

What Happened to Bad Blue?


Bad Blue Tech News works.  Looks like a hack.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well...Doug Ross was always going downhill
with his Natl Rev/RedState slant anyways....

I've found THE LIBERTY DAILY (dot) COM
to be an EXCELLENT substitute.

watsonrg said...

Another alternative:

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Doug Ross is is the man, as far as I’m concerned. And nobody, not even rush, is 100% copacetic with me.

Anonymous said...

1) TO Richard Watson
I found CFP pretty "meh"...your mileage may vary....

2) Update from Doug Ross: "Update on BadBlue: My Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers running BadBlue News are offline and can't be restarted. This appears to be isolated to my servers, as AWS network status indicates there are no problems with any service. I have not received any updates on my Help Desk ticket. This is the first major outage in 5 years of running the service. I leave conclusions to the reader."

Anon #1

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

BadBlue was one of those (many) sites that I stopped visiting during the Great Trump Purge of 2016-2017 and it is one of the few that I've gone back to (maybe the only one).

An example is Ace of Spades. I gave up on Ace when he compared Corey Lewandowski to Hitler over the Michelle Fields "bumping" incident.

As a result of our God-Emperor and his victorious Caesar-like campaign, people like Erick "The Morbidly Obese" Erickson, Bill "Not As Smart As HIs Father Irving" Kristol, John "Not As Smart As His Father Norman" Podhoretz and Jonah Goldberg are all on my "do not read" list. Those clowns along with morons like Max Boot and Ralph Peters have been exposed for what they are. Untrustworthy tools of the Deep State.

Steve in Greensboro

Anonymous said...


- Anon #1

Anonymous said...

100 TU's to Steve in Greensboro

(though BadBlue/DougRoss has a "Yellow Card" in my book)

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