Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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General Petty Officer 5th Class Skyhawker Doug 

Trump voter in NYC

10 Hours in Manhattan

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Trump protesters quieted at UW

Tommy Lee Smith


Has anyone actually worked out yet what that
Women’s March over the weekend was all about?

“ According to Madonna it had something to do with blowing up the White House.

According to Michael Moore (not a woman) it was about stopping Betty De Vos (a woman: how does this work, exactly?) from becoming Secretary of Education.

According to ...

Or is it another of those things we’re just supposed to know – and the very fact we don’t know shows precisely how insensitive and unobservant we are?

My initial guess was that it might have been down to one of the following:

A forgotten anniversary

An unnoticed new hair do

A very-much-noticed and far-too-nakedly-lingering glance at Ivanka (or similar)

Toilet seat left up

Trash taken out – but without the liner being replaced

The wrong answer to a question about cellulite or weight or a much-desired but patently unsuitable outfit

Nothing. No, seriously. There’s nothing wrong. Nothing at all. Really. Nothing.

If any of these had been the reasons, I can quite understand why hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets across the world to express their distress through the medium of screeching, placard-waving and ostentatious sporting of vulva-coloured headgear. [FULL]

Daddy, Mommy's making me cry!
STFU kid, she aborted you.

"All fall down.. "

Federal Court Strikes Down 
Chicago Gun Range Regulations
Gun rights advocate says 'this nonsense has got to stop'

Linda Sansour flashing the ISIS sign.

I heard a rumor that Mattis wanted to carpet bomb the event, but opted instead to use the the ordinance in Syria and Iraq!