Tuesday, February 21, 2017

She said "Beclown"

Kemberlee Kaye: "There's a noticeable difference between the Trump presidency news cycle and the news cycle of Obama's White House tenure. We're barely one month into President Trump's term and I'm already so sick of the "Trump said _____ which is not technically correct, so we're going to pretend to be outraged, light our hair on fire, act like the demise of the republic is nigh, meanwhile, here are 21 reasons Trump should be impeached" schtick. There is little to no actual news reporting, the media collective is working overtime to gin up outrage where none exists and create news where there is no story. They may very well beclown themselves into oblivion. If ever there was a time I'm thankful to be a blogger, it's now." (Legal Insurrection 'Quick Hits')

The Second Civil War

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Some comments that caught my attention
Cary Clan I've got a 30 year old step-daughter who is a DEMOCRAT....she can't spell the words....DISCIPLINE,SACRIFICE,OR MANAGEMENT....but when she needs something who does she come too?....HER DUMBASS,OLD,FUCKED UP REPUBLICAN PARENTS RIGHT!....but I'm converting her slowly but surely....SHE'S beginning to realize that all of the BULLSHIT her college professors were shoving down her throat....DOESNT WORK IN THE REAL WORLD!

When America as a whole comes back to Judeo-Christian principles, healing can begin.

THEN, There's This
ichael Kilcommons7 hours ago
Asshole CIA propagandist Limbaugh never said anything about the anger being built up over the land grabs for the corporate mining companies out west. He and his NWO/CIA/globalist cronies would just as soon see you dead if you were not useful to them. You have Limbaugh being a CIA propagandist and growing anger over corporate power. What else do you need stupid?

Katy Tur; Millenial

DUM ant Dummer



NBC reporter and MSNBC host Katy Tur – who accused President Trump’s advisers of having close ties to Russia – appeared to draw a total blank when a Republican congressman pointed out that former President Obama was caught on a hot mic pledging to give the Russian president more “flexibility” after the 2012 election.

“I see a lot of folks within Donald Trump’s administration who have a friendlier view of Russia than maybe past administrations did,” Tur said during an interview with U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney, R-Fla.

Responding to her claim concerning previous administrations, Rooney attempted to remind her about Obama’s famous promise to Russia.

“Well, I think it was Obama that leaned over to Putin and said, ‘I’ll have a little more flexibility to give you what you want after the re-election,'” Rooney said.

After a pause, the 33-year-old host replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re referring to, Congressman.”

I am not making this up ....