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He warned his followers to turn away from “having a personal relationship with Jesus ...

Pope Francis WTF?

Pope Francis has made some public statements recently that have Catholics and Christians alike very worried. He warned his followers to turn away from “having a personal relationship with Jesus,” adding that it “is dangerous and very harmful.” The speech has people worried that the Pope is fulfilling terrible fantasies.

Speaking in front of a crowd of over 33,000 Christians in Rome, the Pope warned that a “personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus must be avoided at all costs.”

He then followed up with a statement that may shed some light on this situation, he said that no Catholic can truly be a follower of God on his or her own, they need the help of the Church for salvation. Of course they do.

Pope Francis also recently made some interesting remarks that U.S. citizens must be subjected to a one world government “for their own good.” He continued to argue that only a “political authority” would be able to combat “climate change” and other global issues. It makes sense that Pope Francis would be so in tune with the climate considering his multiple degrees in science and climatology from esteemed universities..

The Pope seems more interested in pushing the policy of global leaders than preaching the word of God, because he also recently said he believes more power should be in the hands of the U.N. over individual countries.

The Pope clearly has another agenda, what it is, we don’t know, but preaching that you can’t have a personal relationship with God and that you need the Church, and also stating that humanity is better off in the hands of one overarching global power, it seems he may have other ambitions than the spiritual health of his followers.

A personal relationship with the Savior is the foundational principle of Christianity. The Pope’s remarks seem contradictory at best. At worst, they appear to come straight from John’s revelation, which is bad news for all.

Bottom Line .... The Catholic Church has survived some pretty bad Popes; it will survive Francis.  Wait.  I'm not saying Pope Francis is a bad pope just because he's steeped in leftist politics, and takes money from George Solos, and counsels with Barry Obamathe most despicable President of all time.  I'm just saying that on the off chance he's as bad as many Cardinals fear (re: Doctrine of the Faith), the faithful will pay him scant attention.  BTW, my confessor and I are at loggerheads over the efficacy of certain positions this Pope has taken, without any penance imposed so far.


Unknown said...

In Judaism, “rabbi” simply means “teacher” or “learned man”. A rabbi has no power, no hierarchichal status. He is not a conduit to God nor an intermediary between God and man. One could say that, unlike Catholicism and Protestantism, Judaism “cuts out the middle man” by not requiring any involvement with an ordained spiritual arbiter; for one to be a good, observant and practicing Jew, a rabbi is totally unnecessary. Now it seems that Pope Francis is afraid that Catholics might get the same idea.

[Hat tip to Leo Rosten זכרונו לברכה]

Anonymous said...

Old saying: "A rabbi whose congregation doesn't want to run him out of town isn't a rabbi. And a rabbi they do drive out isn't a man."

Caballero Andante

toadold said...

The homosexuals and communists in the Church got this man installed as Pope. Now they are having to live with a growing exodus, reduced financial contributions, and heavy griping.

K Codner said...

Full disclosure, I was raised Roman Catholic; baptized first communion, confirmation, but at 23 came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I was never taught this in all the pre-communion, pre-confirmation or religious ed classes through my teen years. It was always stressed that salvation was through the church and not possible outside of it. His teaching on this and his leftist politics comes as no surprise from my perspective.

Juice said...

What Kenny Codner wrote is how I feel about the "chain of command" for Catholics, but the best representation of a Pope for Christ I ever saw was Pope John Paul II. This Pope Francis is the most anti-Christ Pope and the best Commie-Lib ever. I tend to agree with toadold's opinion since it agrees with my formerly Catholic husband's opinion.

rickn8or said...

Why, if everyone had a personal relationship with Jesus, then the Pope and his support staff would be pretty much unnecessary, now would he?

Eskyman said...

I am not a Catholic; but it seems to me that this Pope is more a Communist than a Christian.

He should try getting a personal relationship with Jesus Christ going himself, before he arrives at the gate and St. Peter says "Nobody here knows you."

Anonymous said...

This Pope is the Obama of the Catholic church.


Anonymous said...

The don't call him Pope Che for nothing.

CC said...

Anyone who puts themselves up as emissary between man and GOD is a charlatan; The sacrifice made by his Son ensured that.
Just call him the non Bible-based figurehead of the church.

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