Monday, January 15, 2018



drew458 said...

Waaahl, chew no, voting is de right, si, but da sensus, she is raycist. Also, all my cousins just moved to here from Tea a Whanna, so dose numbers are no good no more.

OregonGuy said...

Kudos for an amazing GOTV effort!

Anonymous said...

Since the Voter Commission was broke up, I hope DHS picks up the ball on this. There are millions out there voting illegally. The dims know it and fear a "real" investigation into it.


Ralph Gizzip said...

Any county with more votes than registered voters needs to have every single ballot in that county thrown out for every single entry on the ballot. Co Commisioner? No votes. School levy? No votes.

toadold said...

Si, eet cost me too much to mail my ballot in from Venezuela. Fookin Madura don't pay for postage no more.

Chuck from Tacoma said...

Dean Logan was in charge of the vote rolls and elections in King County, Washington when he was able to come up with enough votes to overcome the Republican victory for governor years back. You need to have those extra voters on the books in case of a need to manufacture more votes to get the desired results.

Alien said...

Which raises the question: Is there a mechanism by which the voting results of counties, or, maybe in California's case, an entire state, can be thrown out for obvious fraud and malfeasance? Are we required to accept defnitively fradulent election results? Or, is there recourse to dsmiss them?

Eskyman said...

For those that may not know- CA issues drivers' licenses to illegals, supposedly for "safety." At the end of the licensing process there's some question boxes to check on the final form: one of those questions is, "Do you want voter registration documents sent to your home; yes/no."

There is some fine print saying that one has to be a citizen, but that hardly matters as no one will ask. That "no one" includes any policeman who may later stop the illegal alien with his legal driver's license, as it's illegal to *ask* whether someone is illegally here.

The end result in this Brown State of Insanity is that we have legally licensed illegal aliens who illegally vote, legally, and who never get charged with anything; since everyone in the legal system knows that nothing will happen to an illegal alien.

Now isn't *that* a fine kettle of fish!

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