Friday, January 19, 2018

Oprah In Depth

Ben Shapiro - Something You Should Know About Oprah Winfrey

Do leftists have anyone even remotely as talented as Shapiro?


Skoonj said...

OK, I listened to Ben Shapiro. He did a very good job of analyzing a Winfrey run against Trump, pro and con. I might have missed her accusation against a jewelry store lady in Switzerland, but that is a Shapiro problem. I have to say, he's the fastest talker in the English language I've ever heard. If he would just slow down maybe 25%, he would be far more understandable. Though I'm from NYC, I'm not anywhere near wound up enough to talk that fast. I've heard Shapiro fill in for Mark Levin, and though I generally like what he says (he did, however, not back Roy Moore for senator in Alabama, giving the accusers more credence than I did), otherwise he did a great job. For the record, Levin supported Moore. I really didn't care about his position on that issue. I just wished he had said it slower.

Eskyman said...

Shapiro is fast on his mental feet and debates/argues well.

That said, I lost all respect for him when he joined the hit mob during the Michelle Fields affair, when she claimed to have been assaulted by Corey Lewandowski. Since then he's been a reliable Never-Trumper so I carry no water for him.

It's a pity; sure would be nice if he were on our side, but he's not.

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