Monday, January 22, 2018

Orson Welles/ Lamont Cranston


Amazingly, the Shadow fights a philanthropist who wants to give everybody luxurious living for free, and won't let anyone take a step without him. When they try to bust free, he wants to kill them all.
I always thought Welles was an old-school leftist.

To: Eleutheria5
Welles only did one season before heading West, and he was only an actor, as far as the production went. He was the first Lamont Cranston, which was the personification of "The Shadow". Previously, since its debut in 1930, "The Shadow" was the narrator of the crime story that stood in the shadows.

Looking up "Valley Of The Living Dead", it was from 1/10/39, starring Bill Johnstone as Lamont Cranston. With Agnes Moorehead, probably her second season.

I power-listened, accelerated, to a chronological sort of my collection some years back, and what stood out was how the bad guys ended up. First by getting shot by the police, then by Old Sparky (death penalty), then by accident when fleeing...there's a progression on what happens to the "bitter fruit".

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