Monday, January 22, 2018

Pot Holder Upper

It's Scientific

First, I hasten to say that I don't and never have used pot because it's been illegal my whole life, until now. 

My old knees are ... old.  Every three months I get silicone injections that, for the first month, allow me to feel like I'm 18 again.  By the end of 3 months, however ... ARGH.  Knee doctor wants to do replacements, but it's too early in this stage of my procrastination.  Just before Christmas we attended a Christmas opera performance of Scrooge that my granddaughter  (Hucker's daughter) had a part in.  Nice upper balcony seats.  Like, way upper.

I had to be carried out of there when everything locked up and my back went into spasm to boot. Oh, the humanity.  Oh, the humiliation!

Moving forward, for Christmas Hucker gave me a jar of Mary's Medicinals.  His friend Jason's father, it seems, was in a similar state when someone suggested he try Mary's compound on his knees.  Accordingly, I'm told, within a few days he'd quit taking all other meds, treatments, and thoughts of knee replacement.  Hucker says this is no exaggeration.  Okay, I'll try it. And did, on the spot.  Before the day was over my knees were seemingly better, or was it the eggnog?

Two weeks ago I was in for my scheduled silicone injection and showed my knee guy the little jar.  Oh, did you notice the THC ingredient label?  THC is the chemical in pot that delivers the feel goods, as I understand it.  Doctor X noticed it immediately, and was intrigued.  While he'd never heard of this particular application, he said that the governing body of his medical discipline had been studying the THC thing, but had made no recommendation.  But, he implied that I should continue the experiment  and keep him informed.

Cutting to the chase.  Last week I'd used most of my jar of Mary's, and a spin through the web, which lists several sources, all of which  required legal hoops to be jumped, but still no supplier.  I asked Hucker, and he told me that the jar he gave me cost ... are you ready? $65!   HFS, but where can I get some?  A few days later he gave me the SYNERGY brand.  Only cost $32 for a bigger jar.  But, would it deliver the goods?  Yes, it seems so, but better.

For what it's worth, I'm now pondering using it on some other malfunctioning joints.  Because I'm a pioneer.


drew458 said...

Tried clove oil? I don't know how it compares to Dope Drops, but it lessens the pain for me. And it's legal. Plus you get to smell like the Christmas ham. A winning combo!

FishStyx said...

...and for THAT, we are ever thankful to our Liege Protector!

My wife has had a number of debilitating spinal issues for the last 18 years which require large doses of narcotics for pain control.
For the last year, our son has been recommending that she try the same type of ointment (much to our dismay).
However, with your recommendation, we may finally give it a shot.
Thanks Rodger!
...fingers crossed!

Chris in NC said...


Can you please reply back later with an update? Would be interested in hearing how it went


Rodger, glad it worked. I would never have tried it because all the people who recommend it so far are a bunch of potheads whom I wouldn't trust to clean dogshit. However, when someone like you, or FishStyx tries it and recommends it, it has significant weight. Thanks!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

drew458, this is legal now. At least in Maryland. Casxtor oil is also an old standby, but, for me so far, this stuff is the sht.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

I too would be interested in the progress of your experiment with this remedy Rog. Please, keep us updated as you go along.

Personally, when I was around 50 I was washing the car in the driveway, squatting down washing a wheel when there was a loud POP! in one of my knees. I almost had to crawl back inside and was in pain the rest of the day.

However, by the following Monday and time to go to work I was walking OK again, albeit, with some pain. A co-worker suggested that I start taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin pills. I have been taking them daily for years now and have never had a recurrence.

My doctor and various chiropractors also approved. As a matter of fact; A few years after my original incident I began giving a daily G & C pill to our aging Greyhound and it worked wonders for her too. Her vet was flabbergasted and said that he had never heard of using it on dogs before. Now you can even do a Google - No! a DuckDuckGo search for it and find all sorts of info for dogs.

Perhaps I too was some sort of visionary back in the late 90's. The G & C is inexpensive and available everywhere so, it can't hurt to try.

Eskyman said...

Glad to hear that's working for you Roge, but do be careful you don't get busted!

Another bad-knee preparation that a friend of mine swears by (he's 90 something and reckons he can't get out of bed without it,) is Blue Emu. I'm told even a little dab will take care of really bad pain. Like you, it's his knees that are the problem.

Blue Emu is available at Amazon, is a lot cheaper than the stuff you're trying out, and has the great advantage that using it (or even just having it in your house,) won't land you in jail. Maybe try a week of one vs. a week of the other?

I've had bad skin problems, and I've found that Emu Oil does the trick for me. It absorbs right into my skin, doesn't leave any greasiness, and seems to penetrate deeply. It keeps my skin supple for a long time. Emu oil is also in Blue Emu, thus its name.

Anyway, you have my sympathy, and I'll pray for your pain to ease.

FishStyx said...


Will certainly report back.
(Heading out for 4 week trip to Malayasia this weekend so it may be a little while.)

Agree on the "potheads whom I wouldn't trust". Hence the reason for our reticence as well!

Have heard good things about both G&C and Blue Emu. Sadly, they're not quite up to the task of my wife's situation, but I know folks who swear by both.

Thanks again, Rodger! Your recommendations have rarely failed me. Hope the string continues with this as well!

MAX Redline said...

The "dispensary" two blocks away sells all that kind of stuff, as I understand it. They started as a "medical dispensary" but I imagine they've branched out since recreational pot was legalized here. Oddly, I was reading the other day that if you're located near a pot shop, your home value increases by 8%. I figured it'd be the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Glad it helped Rodge. I'm waiting for the update filled with typos in two weeks telling us how good it is as a spread on sandwiches.


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