Friday, January 12, 2018

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Obama's Legacy                                      

of course he did
If you thought that the administration’s betrayal of America’s security could go no further, you were wrong. Last month Politico, not known as a bastion of conservatism, published a bombshell 50-page exposé detailing the Obama administration’s efforts to delay, hinder and ultimately shut down a highly successful DEA operation – codenamed Project Cassandra

Waiting for Barry

Of course, the facts alleged by Al-Jarida are just allegations and have not been confirmed but there is ample reason to believe the veracity of the claim. First, this would not the first time that the Obama administration betrayed an Israeli covert operation.

In 2012, the Obama administration leaked damaging information that inexplicably sought to sabotage a burgeoning strategic alliance between Israel and Azerbaijan. Such an alliance would have enabled Israel to seek alternate bases in close proximity to Iran from which it could conduct military operations including surveillance and rescue missions, refueling and maintenance and even direct military strikes. The embarrassing disclosure shed unwanted light on a covert military alliance that would have greatly enhanced Israel’s strategic capabilities vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic.

Then again in 2013, Israeli officials bitterly complained to the Obama administration over leaks sourced to administration officials that the Israeli Air Force had struck a military base near the Syrian port city of Latakia. The Israelis termed the leak “scandalous” and bitterly noted that it was not the first time that administration officials had publicly linked Israel to attacks aimed at preventing arms from falling into the hands of Hezbollah terrorists. At the time, the Israelis were attempting to keep a low profile but the administration’s leaks blew everything and Israel’s involvement could no longer be concealed.

But perhaps the most intriguing validation of the Kuwaiti newspaper’s allegation emerged from an unlikely source, a remarkable twitter exchange between New York Times columnist Bret Stephens and Obama’s former U.S. National Security spokesman, Tommy Vietor.

Stephens asked Obama’s National Security Adviser (and former aspiring fiction scribe) Ben Rhodes if there was any validity to the story. Tellingly, the normally talkative Rhodes refused to answer but Vietor chimed in to offer some revealing insight, calling the story unsubstantiated and noting the Obama administration does not condone assassinations.



Anonymous said...

The "Russian collusion" thing is developing into both a revealing insight into the extreme corruption of the Obama administration, and denoting the "tip of the icenberg" for that activity.

That said, I doubt we'll ever see much more than half of the truth regarding Obama-action on this issue, and almost none of all the other corrupt and anti-American activities of #44; a full reveal would compomise too much and threaten too many rice bowls in D.C. Were a substantial proportion of Americans to fully comprehend the stunning levels of corruption, incompetence and malfeasance in D.C. things would get interesting.

I am intensely curious to see what the November 7th sunrise brings. "Smoking crater by ballot" would not be an unpleasant outcome, but I suspect that will be merely a waystation on the path to, well, who knows? Spring '19 may be interesting.

Tom Smith said...

I am no longer surprised..........I will be surprised if any of this results in a criminal prosecution let alone punishment.

Skoonj said...

I've been listening to very well informed reporters this week (no, not the usual suspects). When asked by Hannity, they insisted that the coming week will contain several extremely important revelations. Hannity had been asking about subjects revolving around the use made of the Trump dossier, and the uses made of it. That includes, possibly, the use of the dossier to obtain FISA warrants. By the way, Trump, as President, has the right to have the warrants, and may already have them.

One interesting development is that President Trump is finally referring to the Strzok-Lisa Page texts as treasonous. That was the comment regarding "insurance". This should not be taken lightly. A month ago I sent out articles to my friends list with the most offensive of the texts shown. This is what I told my friends list: I have not in my life seen more evidence of treason. This speaks directly of an attempt at a coup to remove the democratically elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. I hope the background talk is true, that Trump has a staff of people who are excellent at intelligence and police work. They will need to compile a list of these traitors, and in one night of the long knives, take all of them into custody. And that means a lot of people, not just these two. Add in Mueller's entire team, the #2 man at the FBI, #2 man at DOJ, and the Clinton family crime syndicate. And then put them on trial for treason. I have never in my life seen a situation more obviously treasonous than this.

Skoonj said...

I have to mention One America News. This network, which isn't available everywhere, is doing amazing things. They've had special programs about ISIS, Antifa, and many other important topics. Tonight I was listening to a piece that included a line, if I heard it right, about "the disgraced losing candidate" (Hillary) You can never tell when you'll see or hear something you never thought you would, and in a very good way.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tom. I'm sure I'll never know the half of it, but I can't conceive of anything that would surprise me. There is literally no depth of evil these people haven't already sunk to. There are many people who have begun to beat the drum of 'elect no incumbents' again, but even if such a thing happened it wouldn't fix DC because the bureaucracy that runs the place would remain. I don't think there are enough trees and lampposts in DC to hang everyone who needs it, let alone enough rope.


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