Wednesday, February 07, 2018

10 Minutes

Daily Ledger


Skoonj said...

Only available on One America News. Glad it's getting better distribution.

gadfly said...

Here is an an interesting article that tracks Steele dossier allegations to actual events in 2016. It would seem that the dossier most likely was compiled based upon actual events featuring the team that Trump assembled for the election campaign interacting with the Putin-led government and with Russian oligarchs. Link these suspicious activities to the lies about the meeting between Junior, Manifort and Kushner with the Russians in Trump tower, circa July 2016, and the made-up lie by Trump himself to explain that meeting - and you can recognize that all is not well for the future for DJT and the Trumpists.

I am a conservative but I believe that Donald Trump has operated outside the law most of his adult life. Examine the Trumpism invasion of the GOP, the dishonest information put forth by Nunes on two occasions, and now the "arrest Steele" movement in the Senate - and we discover an entire party that smells as bad as did the Clinton Democrats.

Nothing is wrong if you think that dishonestly protecting Trump by the organized GOP is OK by you. But you likely also approve of baby Donny's pretend army parading 62.5 ton Abrams tanks down Pennsylvania Avenue past the Trump International Hotel.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

" Donald Trump has operated outside the law most of his adult life??"

Im in the "Donald Trump has finessed the law, rather brilliantly, his whole life. Your allegation much more suits the Clintons. Nothing finessed at all, just flat out criminality protected by corrupt government.

Murphy(AZ) said...

I have self-edited what I was about to send. Sometimes anger and frustration can take on a Chernobyl-like power of their own and become dangerous.

This is NOT the America I grew up in!

Skoonj said...

There is a nexus of corruption so deep in the government that I doubt it will ever be rooted out. The FBI, DOJ, State Department, former President Obama, former Sec State Clinton, and many others. If Clinton had won the election we would never have found out about it, even if we suspected it.

While some people, including Carter, Levin, Ingraham, Limbaugh, Nunez, Raja, and others are trying to expose the corruption, others including the DNC, the Clinton Crime Foundation, Democrats in general, Comey, Strzok, the MSM, and Gadfly are trying to cover for the corruption. Either you are for America as founded and the US Constitution as written, or you are for the corruption.

The dimensions of this gang are still not completely clear. When it is known, I don't know what will or can be done, but it is essential that this corruption, the worst America has ever known, be ripped out.

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