Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A.K. Hassan, a refugee from Somalia?


Somali refuge takesn oath of office
A.K. Hassan, a refugee from Somalia who arrived in Minneapolis in 2008, worked as a “community organizer,” and has now positioned himself within the American political system.

Hassan was elected to the District 3 seat on the Minneapolis Park Board in the November 2016 elections, and took his oath of office on January 2 – with his left hand placed firmly over the Koran. (Scroll down to see video.)

After he took his oath, promising to uphold the Constitution of the United States, Hassan then opened his Koran and declared, “In the name of the Allah….” and said “Allah has honored me… so be careful to serve all the needs of all the creation of Allah.” [FULL]

Ive done a fair amount of business in Minnesota over the years. My opinion is summed up this way; "All that's required by way of sealing a contract in Minnesota is a handshake.  Their word is their bond".  Truly. 75% of Minnie's population  are  are German, Norwegian, Swedish and Irish, and with that comes a culture that is ... I don't want to say socialist; how about liberalist/libertarian?  But fair. What the hell, Andrew Zimmern lives there.  Recently, however, the culture seems to have been hijacked by the far left-wing faction of the Democrat party.

e.g. In  2008 Al Franken lost his senate race against  incumbent Norm Coleman. Until several recounts found enough lost Franken votes, at which point a panel of judges said "Stop counting.  Franken wins". Without that victory, Democrats would not have held a 60% senate majority, and none of Obama's signature legislation e.g. Obama Care, would have passed. Dems HAD to have that Senate seat!

.....*site of deleted brain fart.  Move along.  Nothing to see here. ....

What worries me the most is  "Creeping Sharia."

In 2002 A federal court blocked a measure in Oklahoma that would prevent that state's judges from considering Islamic law when making decisions

How can that be?  It cedes to Islam the right to alter the U.S. Constitution.  How can that fkn be! And it's just one example. 

I'm starting to ramble.  You have the helm (bottom line).

See Somalia in the Past


Linda Fox said...

I checked the composition of the Minnesota reps, and could NOT find 40% - in fact, other than Keith Ellison, and this new guy, that's it.

Am I not seeing something?

OC said...

No Linda, you're not missing anything. Ellison is the only mooslim, McCollum, Walz and Nolan are mooslim sympathizers.
Hassan got elected to the Mpls. Park board.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Wow, How did that sneak by? I know. Mid-pos, the nurse showed for my enema.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Anonymous said...

Somalia - world class shithole. And Minnesotans have a ton of them and Al Franken, which makes me pretty sure they're too close to the aurora borealis and it's eaten their brains. They're fuckin nutz up there.

Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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