Tuesday, February 27, 2018

So much for that, then


Jess said...

I notice there aren't any women. I'm guessing they have enough opportunities to cut to the bone, without taking it out on strangers.

toadold said...

Story about a woman from East Asia who married an American and came with him to the US. She was questioned by the wives of his buddies about here traditional values. She was asked what she would divorce him if he started cheating on her. She replied she didn't believe in divorce and would try harder to please him, men are like that she said. She was then asked what she would do if he started beating on her. She said she would try to shame him out of it, spend more time out of the house but would not divorce him. She was then asked what she would do if he started abusing their children. " I would use my families traditional method of dealing with that kind of situation. I would poison his sorry ass."

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