Monday, February 19, 2018

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I wish every psychiatrist and every psychologist would watch this. It totally makes sense that this should be the FIRST step in helping anyone and everyone. Thank you.

Need this guy to contact me I am in UK from America originally. I have 2 kids having similar symptoms to Andrew. My son who 10 we know has a cyst on his brain but were told we have to leave until it shows signs of growing which could cause permit damage so its stupid. But we think or 8 yr may have it too only worse like Andrews. We need help but don't know who to trust or turn too. +4401916800644


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Juice said...

Fascinating. I thought of Dr. Ben Carson along the way in this video. You have to be pretty darn skilled to be a pediatric neurosurgeon. Of course under Obama Care little Danny would just need to go home and take some pills, right? Oh, and no more guns for anyone.

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