Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Three from Metzger


Anonymous said...

Oh, but we do let kids vote--they are just more commonly known as "Democrats."

Eskyman said...

Those two, Hogg and the cancer victim- are really loathesome poster children, aren't they? Well-trained, well-rehearsed and fluent, but they have no heart.

Think of them as high school actors appearing in the end-of-year play, where they appear as "TV Reporters." They're spot-on! They've convinced me they are good actors, but not that they wrote their own script.

They're also excellent gun salesmen, but they'll really have to hustle to beat the Teleprompter Messiah in that area!

Anonymous said...

I heard a recording of the Broward County sheriff, didn't watch, and he noted that 18-year-old minds were not 'fully formed', nor capable of thinking maturely, so could not be trusted with weapons.
Two thoughts:
Grampa had a rifle when he was 8, my dad, 12. They didn't kill anywone, and did not fire the weapon in any sort of populated areas. Kids used to bring long guns to school so they could plink on the way home, and in some cases, provide dinner.
Those same 'thoughtless' 18-year-olds are voting, and that can have more consequence to more people than any number of rifle-wielding 18-year-olds.

Why do we trust them to vote, fight and defend their country, yet deny their ability to handle the responsibility of a lethal weapon? Me dunno.


Anonymous said...

"Ask the Students...texting while driving means we should take away their phones
and authorize the arresting officer to smash the phone with a hammer as soon as the offender's car is stopped. Be sure to get the Sim card. Save court costs, paper work and fines.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Eskyman said...

Audie Murphy had a Medal of Honor when he was 19.

He entered the Army after Pearl Harbor, but had to lie about his age to get accepted (so today he'd be barred from buying guns for lying on a Federal form.)

During his time in service, he received every military award for combat valor that the US Army gave, plus Purple Hearts and awards for heroism from the French and Belgian governments. He was the most decorated American combat soldier of WWII.

He was discharged in 1945. He was 20 years old.

Other than his age, Audie Murphy didn't have much in common with either the Parkland murderer or the Hogg child actor/activist/publicity hound.

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