Thursday, February 08, 2018

YouTube (Google); a national threat of the highest order

THINK About It.  I had to use Google to voice my fear.  
Hell, This very Blog is controlled by Google. 


Anonymous said...

FWIW, the internet is a very young medium. If left alone and allowed flourish, the 'problem' of google and others selectively restricting content will cause them to lose market share. Like the MSM vs. Fox News. Something will fill the void. And it is NOT censorship unless the government does it.

Eskyman said...


It's still censorship, it's just not prevented by the 1st Amendment. Here's's definition of censorship:

1. the act or practice of censoring.
2. the office or power of a censor.
3. the time during which a censor holds office.
4. the inhibiting and distorting activity of the Freudian censor.

Gooble is a censor. God help us all if they ever get laws passed making it official- which I'm sure they are trying to do. They're happy to help China censor the internet for the Chinese gov't, against the Chinese people; they'd do it here, if they ever get the chance! (Good thing all our politicians are honest, right?)

I'd also like to think that time will cut them down to size- but it's now one of the primary methods of communication: Google phones/Android; Google search; Google owns Alphabet which owns YouTube; etc, etc. Imagine that Ma Bell, back in the 70's say, could listen in to your conversations on the telephone- and cut you off if you said something they didn't like. Would that have called for "freedom of speech" regulation?

It's a frighteningly large, rich and powerful monopoly. I sure hope you're right, and they get some competition, and that it's SOON!

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