Monday, March 12, 2018

A Timely Primer


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Eskyman said...

Well, I didn't get all the way through that; the speaker seems to think that if there's a big EMP and you've protected some of your stuff, then afterward you'll be fine.

That's too rosy an outlook for me to take it seriously. When we have another big EMP (like the Carrington Event back in 1859, which only fried some telegraph lines & equipment) it will knock out large areas of our power grid; most transportation; and most communications, especially cell phones & towers.

In short, we'd have enormous long-term problems facing us. Having some of your gadgets in a protective bag wouldn't do a whole lot of good- but I guess it would give you "braggin' rights" & you could show off your perfectly fine cell phone to the kids who never knew them (if any have survived, that is.)

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