Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dear Don ...

Dear Donald:

Dear Mr. Trump

Two Things in Particular
1. How Does Planned Parenthood Get $500 Million Taxpayer Money a Year?

2. Where is the promised indictment of Hillary Clinton?

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and
Spokesmen for Holder and Clinton did not return calls seeking comment. The Justice Department also didn’t comment.
kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.


Skoonj said...

Coulter is right. Trump just kissed his own ass goodbye. The Republicans will lose the House, Trump will be impeached, and he will not be re-elected in 2020. That's my instant analysis.

In fact, he might not last that long. His effort to not get blamed for a government shut down has sealed his fate. He got horrible advice from his staff. Reagan shut it down several times, and pretty much got what he wanted despite not having majorities in either House. Once impeached, which is a near certainty, how many of senate castrati will join Democrats in voting to convict?

This debacle tells me it no longer matters who I vote for. Democrat and Republican, it's all the same. It doesn't even matter which party is in the majority. The Senate majority leader, McConnell, has been invisible since the signing. Maybe he's consulting with the Chinese paymasters for his wife and himself.

Last year, early in the new administration, Rush Limbaugh interviewed Vice President Pence on his radio show. Rush asked ... why would anyone vote for Republicans? I don't recall the answer. A year later it really doesn't matter which candidate and which party one votes for. Election day will come and go without notice in my house. Maybe I'll get up the energy to go to the polling place and make a demonstration: I'll burn my voter registration card. That's how little voting means today.

Anonymous said...

Big day for the serenity prayer here.

Eskyman said...

That was a severe blow, no doubt about it. A commenter over at the Treehouse said, "I'm still on the Trump Train, but now I'm sitting by the door." I know where he's coming from.

Knowing that Trump is pretty much all alone in this fight- he's got the Dems, the Media, the Washington bureaucrats, all the spy agencies and the GOPe/Uniparty all against him- this shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was. The only good things about this Bill are that it funded our military, which really did have to be done, and that it's only a 6 month Bill. So the next one will come up right before midterms; that's when the pretend Conservatives get real nervous, they have to act like they're on our side; they won't dare to pull the same stunt then, if they hope to get reelected. Also, I do believe Trump when he said he wouldn't sign another Bill such as this. Still, pretty thin gruel.

It's too early to tell, but there may be a ray of sunshine: some people are saying that Oblabla never used or wanted a budget, since that would constrain him to spending money as it was allocated. So he used these Omnibus Spending Bills to get money from Congress that he could spend however he liked; the rumor is that Trump will use the same tactic to build The Wall, and slow-walk funding for things like the Sanctuary Cities and Planned BabyMurders. I just hope that's true! (I still wonder how Oblabla got all that dough to send to his owners in Iran- is Nancy Drew still around? We could use some detective work!)

For me, the biggest blow wasn't just the huge unnecessary spending bill, which gave far too much money to all the wrong things, and no money to the worthwhile ones- it was Trump adding insult to injury by calling for a bureaucratic ban on bump stocks (a semiauto is still a semiauto, so this is stepping off a cliff as far as regulation goes) in a tweet immediately after he'd signed this blunderbuss of a bad Bill. If someone is against the 2nd Amendment, I will NOT support them! That has been my policy for many decades, and it won't be changing now. I really do hope that Trump hears the cries of outrage from his supporters, but that is an unforced error of tremendous magnitude; if he does any more, then as Skoonj says- that's the end.

Trump will be impeached- if that happens, it really doesn't matter whether he gets convicted or not, he won't be able to govern any longer- and then we can wonder when the shooting will start. "A country divided cannot stand." And won't.

Anonymous said...

ALL of you fool posters above need to learn more about politics.
Yes, skoonj and Eskyman included.

An Omnibus Bill does NOT
(how many times do I have to write this for you to understand?)
mean "$Xamount of dollars" SHALL be spent
on XYZ (e.g. Planned Murderhood).

THAT was OBAMA's game.


NOW, Trump gets permission to spend on ALL his military funding
and has - ahem "discretion" whether or not -
WTF DO YOU THINK, JUNIOR EINSTEINS?!? to spend it on various "causes."

Go home, get drunk, STFU, and come back AFTER you've had your
Coulter "I'mInItForTheMediaAttention" nonsense.


Anonymous said...

as a "P.S."...

Anonymous said...

A "motivational" post for your consideration:

Tom Smith said...

Frankly I dont think it hurts midterm elections nor a reelected Trump. I can only guess his threat would be to be primaried but no Democrat can beat him. Frankly, he won the last primary too and is more popular with conservatives than when he was elected.

Unknown said...

Just wait...and try to keep from swallowing the spin put on this by Trump's enemies, who are legion...

OregonGuy said...

I've seen the alternative to Trump.

Her name was Clinton.

Skoonj said...

Anonymous, whoever you are, dream on. I'm waiting to see your wet dream come true.

And I'm waiting for the results in November. Republican majority in both Houses? Democrat? It doesn't matter. I have voted for Republicans until now, and we see the result. They sound conservative when they run, but as they arrive in Washington they check their balls into a lock box somewhere.

Even with a Republican majority in the House, Trump will be impeached. Now that the castrati have found out what they can get away with, they can openly join the swamp and go ahead with what they've wanted to do all along. They might wait for Mueller's report, they might not, but they will do it anyway.

Anonymous, if you think the fact that this was an omnibus law rather than a budget, just wait till Trump tries to loosen the noose. As soon as he does, the swamp will use it against him in the bill of impeachment. If that was Trump's plan, he played it too clever by half.

Eskyman said...


You just might have it right! It's not like there's some other train to leap onto, it's the Trump Train or give up and let the Dems/Uniparty run our country off a cliff, so I remain on that much-maligned Trump Train. I'll try not to let my emotions run me off the rails (ahem!) again!

I've also found more and more people who believe that there's method in Trump's apparent madness, and that the Dems, now chortling in glee due to their apparent "victory," may soon be caterwauling in grief.

This thread by Thomas Wictor explains how President Trump turns what seems like a loss into a huge win:

Skoonj said...

OK folks, let's say President Trump does what seems to me unlikely. That is, he uses the omnibus law as suggestion, and spends pretty much as he wants. Fine. But after seeing what the single party Congress has done, what will even his most ardent supporters going to do?

I said it above. I'll say it again. It no longer matters who I vote for. Democrat and Republican, it's all the same. It doesn't even matter which party is in the majority. The Congress came up with this monstrosity with a REPUBLICAN majority. And whatever anyone thinks, this represents huge spending of money we do not have. So we are supposed to feel good about the omnibus? It just added even more to the national debt. Another wad for our children and grandchildren to pay.

OK, let Trump be a genius on this. But he cannot fix Congress. He cannot repair the Republican Swamp. We've voted for Republicans, and this is our reward. I don't know how many of Trump's supporters, including me, can be brought back by November. and to do what? Vote for Republicans? Who, like Heller in my state of Nevada? Sorry. My vote won't be cast for the likes of him. Or the likes of them.

If Trump is so clever that he can make this disaster look good, he'll have plenty of opportunities next year to make everything look wonderful. Oh by the way, has McConnell come back with our CCW reciprocity yet?

Skoonj said...

Found this on the web. Take it for what you may.
1) Let's talk about what the President can and can't do for this Omnibus Bill. There's a lot of discussion both ways so let's examine how money gets allocated & spent in the US Government:

1. Congress allocates money to be spent. The President spends the allocated money.

2. Once Congress allocates money, their job is oversight of the money being spent. They don't spend the money and have no say HOW it gets spent as long as it's spent legally. That's their job to monitor with oversight.

3. Once the President is given the money with the instructions to spend it, he has a number of choices to make in spending it. There are some rules he has to follow & some of the money is fungible and some isn't.

4. However there are some other factors that are in play here. One of them is that the President has declared a Human Rights Emergency AND has notified Congress that he's invoking the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985. 5. This opens up new options.

6. By making these two declarations President Trump has just communicated that he has the authority to NOT spend any funds he doesn't deem necessary and will return them to the US Treasury. So, funds for Planned Parenthood? He can simply not allocate the funds.

7. Also, these declarations make some funds fungible. For instance if he determines that building a Wall on the Southern Border is a defense against Human Trafficking? He can move funds from anywhere else in the Defense Dept Allocation & simply build the Wall.

8. Congress is powerless to stop cash reallocations on an omnibus bill AND cannot stop the DOD from taking measures under a declared Emergency. 9. Despite their language in the Omnibus Bill about the Border Wall, it is trumped by the State of Emergency that Trump declared.

8) So in summary - This will go to the Courts. Congress will sue the President over the Border Wall. But here's how it will play out - Congress and the President are co-equal branches with different functions. Congress allocates. The President spends.

9) The President has National Security as his Primary Responsibility and it's his job to use whatever funds and declarations he needs to for that job. No Court in this Nation (except corrupt on the take Judges) would EVER rule against a President for exercising that authority.

10) In the end the Supreme Court (yes, that's where it will end) will fully VALIDATE the President's Constitutional Authority & the Wall will be built. /end #MAGA #QAnon #TQFam #8Chan#TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere @POTUS #InternetBillOfRights #FreeTheInternet

Skoonj said...

Here is an update to that post, also found on the web.

"Here is what a Congressman is posting on Twitter about the OmniBus . Justin Amash ‏
Verified account @justinamash
11h11 hours ago
From the original author: I keep seeing the same absurd claim going around on social media—that the omnibus is not so bad because it’s not a budget. This is totally backward. The omnibus is law; a budget is not. A bad budget is irresponsible but toothless. The omnibus (spending bill) does the real damage."

For those of you spreading completely false rumors that the OmniBus that was just signed into law is non-binding and Trump can just change it and choose not to spend the money of a program or re-direct it, please call your Congressman's office and ask them if it is true.

Be sure to tell them what you have heard and record their response to share it in this thread. After the ridiculous rumors began to flying yesterday, I picked up the phone and called two different Congressmen that I am personally friends with and told them about the rumors flying around. One laughed out loud and one said they wish it were true. One went a step further and told me we needed to direct our displeasure at Mitch McConnell.

I am providing a link where you can find a contact to your Congressional office in order to make it easy for you. Be sure to contact them first thing Monday .

I want you to be informed. When you spread ridiculous rumors like with the OmniBus Bill, it makes Trump supporters look bad. I don't want that..

Eskyman said...

Skoonj, at 6:30 you posted a list of how the President can spend money the way he wants to, legally; then the followup post says no, he's completely tied up by that Omnibus because it's law while a Budget is only suggestions.

From memory, Obama of the Black Heart never submitted or had a Budget. Everything he spent he got from an Omnibus Spending Bill, it was spent the way he wanted to spend it, and there was no oversight. That's how he could send pallets of cash to Iran & do a lot of other stunts that had us all outraged.

Seems to me like precedent clearly shows that the first post is accurate, and the 2nd is RINOs explaining how they tried, they really tried, but alas! their hands were tied so they couldn't do anything. Not that we've ever heard that from RINOs, no never!

I'm adopting a policy of wait-and-see. President Trump has worried me a number of times, but then I look at what he's accomplished- and who's opposing him- and I realize, he's winning! It's like watching a magician's act: there's nothing in the hat, nothing up his sleeve- but where did that rabbit come from?

Things are going on that we just can't see; that's why the Left is in such a panic, and everything including the kitchen sink is being thrown at Trump; they are desperate.

We expected the swamp-draining to be smooth sailing? Yeah, right! In our dreams!

As to your larger point, about whether to vote for R's even if they're venal, stupid and pretty much the same as D's- yes, it's a dilemma. It means that we've got to stop electing those RINOs, and elect more people with a spine and cojones! It's always going to be a problem, figuring out whether they are lying just to get elected, and except for past performance I don't know the answer to that.

Skoonj said...

The first post does show what Trump must do to spend money on the wall, though it takes the President declaring a Human Rights Emergency AND notifying Congress that he's invoking the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

Fine so far. But then, when he spends money on the wall, he is sued by Congress in a case that must go all the way to SCOTUS. That court may find for the President ... or may find for Congress. We cannot know at this point.

Obama did use omnibus legislation rather than budgets. But Congress was friendlier to him than it is to Trump. The items and amounts were pretty much what he wanted. He didn't have to declare emergencies, and so on. And Congress didn't have to sue him.

Trump will wind up giving money to Planned Parenthood and all the other pet rocks of the Congressional left. If he tries to shuffle money toward the wall, even to the Army Corps of Engineers, will be stopped by leftist judges who have already shown themselves. Much, much later, the Supreme Court. This law is a disaster.

And then the 2018 election. And that, likely, will be the end of the experiment.

Ronbert said...

In April the IG will release the results of the IG investigation. In December 2017 Jeff Sessions "let the cat out of the bag" when he stated that he had previously started a parallel investigation to the IG investigation off site). The number of sealed indictments has risen to over 9000. The previous high was around 1000. Maybe Trump (ans Sessions) is a 1000 moves ahead of all of us. If Trump had vetoed the omni the the topic of discussion in April would be the shutdown. Now the discussion in April will be the release of the IG report.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Here's anons thread link, Wish you'all guys would learn how to do a link.

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