Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Genesis- Democrats & OPM


Skoonj said...

The cause of poverty is the unequal distribution of capitalism.

South Africa is sabotaging its own economy at the same time it is sabotaging its agriculture by beginning the process of expelling white farmers. They are imitating Zimbabwe, preparing a future with a dictator, poverty, and starvation. The country is already the rape capital of the world. White residents need to hasten plans to leave, if they want to leave alive.

No one ever came to the rescue of Zimbabwe, which is still mired in starvation and poverty. Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Africa, back when it was Rhodesia, and was white ruled. The white farmers were either murdered or chased out, replaced by black people with no prior farming experience. Result: collapse of farming. South Africa will soon be the same. Marxism is virtually always forced on a nation, and the results are predictable and rapid. The situation could be rectified by capitalism and a free market, but where is that happening?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great plan. One thing it will surely accomplish is to bring back the term "nigger rich".

Anonymous said...

The cause of poverty is stupidity and laziness. You can give people like that anything and they'll screw it up. The best solution is to give all whites south of the Sahara visas to the US and leave the Negro to his own ends. They want to blame whitey for their troubles so pull all white people/ influence/ aid out and let them have it all to themselves. See if Wakanda emerges.

Cheezy said...

Wheelbarrows of cash for groceries, just like Germany.
They could at least have the trains run on time

Tom Smith said...

This was the Bush-Obama plan as well

Skoonj said...

Tom Smith, you care to explain what you mean?

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