Saturday, March 03, 2018

Lisa Monaco – Deep State Link?

Judicial Watch Lead Investigator:
Pay Attention to Obama DHS Advisor Lisa Monaco – Deep State Link
Judicial Watch chief investigator Chris Farrell told the Lou Dobbs audience on Friday to pay attention to former Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco.

Chris Farrell: If you want to really focus on Obama administration targeting of the Trump campaign, the transition and the administration, I think people should sets their sights on Lisa Monaco. She was the Trump (he meant Obama) administration Homeland Security Director and she appears in the notes and calendar of Andy McCabe in May of 2016. And if you note back a couple weeks you’ll note that there was a text from (Lisa) Page saying that Andy McCabe and Strzok, her boyfriend, saying that the White House wanted to know everything that they were doing. And so you see this contact in May and then in August you see the counter-intelligence operation that opened on the Trump campaign gets a nickname. They call it ‘latitude’ and it’s tied back apparently to Lisa Monaco who today has escaped any media inquiry or scrutiny. I think people should take a hard long look at the contact point between this McCabe, Strzok, Page, Secret Society as they refer to themselves, and who in the White House was managing that. It appears, it’s likely that it’s Lisa Monaco.

It's happenin'


O. Thumanity said...

This will be investigated and looked into, then analyzed and picked apart and picked and prodded and investigated some more until another big scandal comes along so they can investigate and look into that. Then, after this current fiasco has been long forgotten, 50 years from now someone will write a book about it and they'll investigate and look into it again, then analyze it and pick it apart until the fiasco that was forgotten about after this one was forgotten is written about. Wash, rinse, repeat.

toadold said...

Someone wake me up when they start imprisoning and hanging perps.

drew458 said...

Old Toad, we had better start calling you Rip Van Toadold then. You'll be napping for at least a decade. Hillary will be indicted about 25 years after she dies.

Eskyman said...

Has anyone a Time Machine that I can borrow? I want to return to the halcyon days of my yoot, when sleazy politics came to light before an election (if they came to light at all.)

Most of the time we didn't know about politics, didn't much care, and spoke about more interesting things: who got promoted, little Johnnie's report card, and did you hear about the Millers (the ladies gathered in a hush to trade salacious gossip.)

Nowadays it's all politics, all the time, with no resolution in sight. Our country is hopelessly divided and won't be getting together.

That's because we have a great many people in this country who permanently live here, and who have driver's licenses & own homes & have families, some are even legal citizens-- but they are not Americans, do not understand what Americans are and have always been, and will never be Americans no matter how long they are here. Some even hate America and Americans. That can't be fixed.

So who's got a Time Machine? I want to see if I can raise my score on Lawn Darts, which I used to be pretty good at!

OregonGuy said...


This article will lift your spirits!


rickn8or said...

OregonGuy, good article but we all know The Hafrican is untouchable.

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