Friday, March 09, 2018

Max Manus; Imposters

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Best Binge Watcher of the Week
The Imposters, Season One

Best Thriller of the Week
Max Manus

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Terry said...

I've seen Max Manus, excellent movie. Also a good one is Headhunters with Aksel Hennie from Max Manus,

Leonard Jones said...

Great movie!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Headhunter Aksel
Hennie Synnøve Macody Lund Trailer

Thanks Murphy: CLICK

Hodja said...

Max Manus is based on a true story.

Leonard Jones said...

This is why I am not worried about the Islamic threat in Europe. As bad
as things look in France and Germany, I have always maintained that if
their political leadership remain nutless, these two countries have a rich
history of mob violence. All it will take is for the threat to become
existential. If enough of their children die from Islamic terrorism,
the people will grab their pitchforks and torches.

A long time ago, I predicted that every Scotsman will be William Wallace,
every Pole will become King Jan Sobieski III, every Mick will be Paddy
Mayne, every Brit will go mad Jack Churchill on their asses (Churchill
took out a Nazi soldier with a longbow at Normandie!)

Every Finn will be another Simo Hayha, every Norwegian becomes Max Manus, etc.
The Hungarian's, Poles, Italian's and most Eastern European nations either already
is, or in the process of finally recognizing the threat. Nationalist movements
are sprouting like weeds on the continent. The Rise of UKIP, Pediga, and other
parties are on the rise. I think the first sign will be the rejection of leftist
parties. I live in the Socialist State of Mexifornia, and the mood among the
electorate is as ugly as I have ever seen it! Some 72 percent of the voters here
oppose sanctuary cities. It is no great leap to infer that the majority also
oppose illegal immigration.

When the feces hits the fan, if the politicians lack the testicular fortitude,
the people will take the matter into their own hands. These 7th century Walter
Mitty soldiers of Allah will be no match for the millions who will rise up and
carry their heads on pikes like the French did in the Great Terror!

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