Monday, March 05, 2018

This is my rifle. This is my ...


Qualified shooters will be able to purchase the rifles and pistols on a lottery basis, and will have to pass a background check both by the CMP and a the licensed FFL where they pick up their new guns.

The 100,000 1911s slated for the Civilian Marksmanship Program(CMP) have not yet been released, but Cheaper Than Dirt reports something nearly as cool is happening.

Approximately 100,000 Turkish and Philippine M1 Garands have been released to the CMP, and orders are currently being taken.

Former (Lord, I love saying that) President Barack Obama had signed an order releasing the 1911s and Garands to the CMP in theory, but never actually made them available (surprise, surprise), and shooters despaired the guns would never find their way to the U.S.

Worry no more!

The CMP received the Garands over the last month or so. Currently, the CMP is busy prepping the guns for sale. Each of the M1s will have to be cleaned, inspected, potentially repaired or rebuilt, and then test fired. Afterward, the M1 Garands will be sorted and graded, which ultimately determines each rifle’s sale price.

The NRA says the M1s are already being fixed up, and the first shipment of 1911s — which will be sold at a rate of 8-to-10,000 a year — have been delivered to the CMP, as well.

“We’re excited to have the guns,” CMP Chief Operating Officer Mark Johnson told the NRA. “We’ve been working on getting them for several years, and it’s the first shipment of guns we’ve received in quite some time.”

The M1 Garands ― about 86,000 from the Philippines and 13,000 from Turkey ― were loaned to those countries following WWII under the Military Assistance Program (MAP).

According to the NRA, because the rifles technically belong [FULL MAG]

Could I still field strip this with eyes closed? 
Sure, the same way I could .. you know.  Do anything else with my gun today.


Skoonj said...

I found out about the M1 release at the SHOT Show. There is another cache of M1s the South Koreans have, but I couldn't learn when they will be available, if ever.

I also asked about surplus M14s. I was told they will never be made available, since they have an automatic fire capability. You need a special part to make that work, but no, once an auto always an auto to them. There is always the M1A, which is available commercially. Oddly enough, all the heat is on the AR15 as the bad boy. But the M1A is a much better rifle, and my personal favorite.

Drew458 said...

Somehow I'm expecting these rifles to be in really poor condition. "Rack grade" might be the best you could expect even after the CMP fixes them up.
Good enough for deer hunting with softpoint ammo.

Eskyman said...

The comments in that article say that these Garands, M1 Carbines and 1911 pistols will be expensive even through the CMA.

Much as I'd like to have a piece of history, it's hard to justify paying around $1000 for an old 1911 when you can get a new Colt or Kimber for around those prices; so I hope the reality is that they're affordable.

As one commenter there put it, "We paid for them with our taxes ::; Should we have to pay again???????"

rickn8or said...

The arbitrary decision that the 1911s couldn't be bought with a Curio and Relic FFL was the deal-breaker for me. Go through TWO background checks from the same database within days of each other, plus pay the dealer transfer fee for a luck-of-the-draw item? Not for sale at the Anniston, AL store?

Keep 'em CMP; I'll stick with my much-more-rare-but-reasonably-priced Sistema Colts. And thanks for bumping the value of my Garand...

Regnad Kcin said...

I bought my M1 from the AL CMP store a few years ago. The muzzle was rated between 1-2 with the chamber throat at 2. It came with all new dark walnut furniture. The rifle listed as "Service Grade" with a NM op rod, Springfield receiver, Winchester trigger assy. and bolt. The serial # lists it as being a mid-1955 manufacture and the finish is impeccable. The only special instructions I listed on the order form was that the wood be walnut. CMP delivered the Garand inside of three weeks after I placed the order. It came packed in a new Plano OD green rifle case. Upon opening the box and the case, I was floored by its pristine condition and appearance. My local FFL guys were likewise impressed when I showed them "Big Bad John". I said I paid $625 for it and they immediately offered me twice that after checking it out. I said no and left their store as the sight of grown men crying made me uneasy. Having run copious amounts of Greek and Korean mil-surp. .30-06 ammo through it, I have determined that this is a keeper. At two hundred yards, BBJ is a dead-nut shooter through open sights. Right after I acquired this rifle, there was a huge run on Garands at CMP. The upper grade M1s went fast and the "rack" and "field" grades got depleted quickly, also. Now, it takes forever to get the orders filled as the back round checks take a long time to process. I wish everyone trying to get one of the latest rifles and/or pistols from CMP lots of luck. "Big Bad John" is here to stay. For last Christmas my brother gave me a new Remington R1 1911 .45cal ACP. Now my bucket list is complete. Molon Labe !!

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