Tuesday, March 06, 2018

What Happens When Democrats Run Your State

Caution: You Will Not
Stop Watching


Alien said...

Not exactly a big surprise. The real challenge will be to contain the collapse and stop it at the California border before it metastasizes at light speed across the other 49.

On a parallel note, I'm waiting for other states (Texas, I'm thinking of you) to institute "residency permits" to control the influx of rabidly leftist Californians.

Anonymous said...

Alien, not exactly 'residence permits', but residence requirements before allowing voter registration. That's how it used to be back when.

The CA Atty General, Xavire Beccara is a Quisling, or a traitor to his country. He has espoused anti-citizen initiatives and encouraged legislation and policies that are, to me, just plain crazy. His boss, Moonbeam, seems to be having mental acuity problems. The 'top men' in CA do not have the welfare of all their citizens, emphasis on ALL, at heart, but only certain sub-groups, who will benefit for a while at the cost of others, until it doesn't work any more, at which time the state will be bankrupt. Who will pay? Any and all, and those who have used loopholes to increase their retirement will be hardest hit. I hope. If anything, they all should 'get a haircut' on their retirement down to a basic level instead of being paid in the upper quintile while retired. There's something very wrong in California.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:50 he cites multiple generations of a family living under one roof. LMAO, apparently this Professor has forgotten Section 8 housing that thrives in Democrat controlled urban settings.

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