Friday, April 20, 2018

Dem Agenda: Reparations

The reception, "Way to Win: 2022 Victory Party," was presented as a look forward at what's possible if Democrats can be effective in coming elections.

But, behind closed doors ...


Anonymous said...

Better lay in a good supply of popcorn. I see where those dumb bastidges are suing Wikileaks, the Russians and the RNC over the election now.

Sir H the Comet

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Reparations for things that happened to ancestors?! Somebody owes me! A Great Grandfather was shot in the shoulder at the Salkahatchee, suffered in a wagon on corduroy roads, denied whiskey at Beaufort, SC because the doctors kept it to themselves. Another Great Grandfather had an infection from a wound during the Civil War and died in 1870, widowing my Great Grandmother. Impoverished! Another Great Grandfather was mustered out in NW Arkansas and WALKED back to Makanda, IL. This country is full of ingrates. I am getting tired of these whining bastards.

MMinWA said...

If reparations were ever paid, I can absolutely guarantee 2 things

1) Weave and rim companies would see about a 1 year surge in sales
2) 90-100% of the yaknow, actual taxpayers would stop paying

3) 95% of the receivers would be flat broke again inside of the 1st year(I think I might be a bit generous here)

Unknown said...

I have long favored reparations; I think that paying reparations would solve a lot of our problems; after all, it's only money. But I would impose just one condition: After you take the money, you henceforth and forevermore STFU. No more whining, no more complaining, no more excuses; just S...T...F...U!!!!!

Skoonj said...

This reparations scam has been going on a long time. It was either 1968 or 1969 or maybe 1970 when George Foreman (not the boxer) came to speak at St. George's Church in NYC about it. My St. John's U Young Americans For Freedom chapter demonstrated outside the entrance against him. The oddity was that St. George's was my home church!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Stu: Do you really thing they (Left rabble rousers) would honor that condition? Really?

Eskyman said...

Since the Democrats were the slaveholders, at least until they lost the Civil War, I reckon reparations are perfectly in order!

All the Democrats, and descendents of Democrats, should pay everyone else reparations for all the trouble they've cost. They owe black people for making (and keeping) them slaves, but they also owe the white people who fought and died to set the slaves free!

So start coughing up the dough, Dems!

pdwalker said...

Stu: I think it would be a good idea, but only if they were immediately shipped to Africa and their citizenship permanently revoked.

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