Tuesday, April 17, 2018

James Wood asks ...

“Hey, if any of you went to Columbia University and recall Barack Obama as a student there, would you please respond with a tweet and a pic of him at Columbia? Thanks,” he tweeted.



Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Asks;
Well, did anybody remember seeing him? Other than the guy who thought he may have been "That Muslim dude who always dressed in a burqa when hanging out at the gay bars in the village."

Anonymous said...

Might as well ask about old girl friends too. Precisely why should he have shown up? What would be the point? His resume was previously bought and paid for, so no need to waste choom time by actually doing the work. It would roughly be as if those guys who paid somebody else to do their service during the Civil War showed up with a rifle at Gettysburg.

His entire life has been one of pampered privilege, sloth and skating past hard work whilst smoking a fat doobie and literally flipping the bird at the people and priciples that built this country, while somebody else paid the bills, and the sonofabeech has gotten away with it and is gonna keep getting away with it. "none dare call it treason" etc.

Sir H the Comet

toadold said...

Yeah, we will never see transcripts of his grades also. Sealed for some reason....just for him.

Skoonj said...

I believe Wayne Allen Root saw him, and has talked about it. Root is a conservative and has a radio show out of Las Vegas. I believe his experience with Obama is highly negative.

Eskyman said...

The two "Manchurian Candidate" movies were misleading; in the films, the fraud didn't make it and were found out (IIRC,) but with Obama we had a real, bona fide Manchurian Candidate elected as president. (I also doubt that any extra brainwashing was needed like in the films, since he was perfectly willing to be a traitor.)

Obama's a fraud; a phony; a ringer; a con-man. There isn't any documentation proving that he's a US citizen, let alone a natural born citizen. When he posted that photoshopped "birth certificate" all that was proven was that he's crooked. The media were quick to use that phony document to say, "Look! We're saved, he's got a document! See, those nasty rumors have all been debunked!" In reality, nothing at all had been debunked, but they refused to look for any proof that this doofus is who he's supposed to be.

Our media has covered up a lot of stuff over the years: they covered up FDR's polio, JFK's womanizing and ill health, John Edwards' affair & love child- some of these things, it could be argued, were for the good of the country (though I don't agree.) In this fraud though, there's no such argument possible. It's pure evil!

And so is Soetoro, and whoever worked so hard to put him where he ended up.

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