Friday, May 11, 2018

As it was with Nazi,' Communism, and Obama

Tucker Carlson: ‘Modern Liberalism Is a Religious Movement’ to Replace Christianity


toadold said...

The problem with turning your ideology into a religion is that you get the ills of religions in your government. Mainly all the splits and divisions. One man's revealed truth is another man's heresy. For instance the Baptists started out as the Ana-Baptists then the splits started, now it is difficult to count the number of types of Baptists. Recently a Southern Baptist stated that he did not want a State Religion because you'd never get all the protestants to agree on which religion it should be and you would have a civil war on your hands.
We are already seeing the leftists turning on each other, the "transgendered" turning on the "feminists" and threating violence.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio:

C'mon! Fox News is no better'n Trump's vaunted "Fake News" networks. Only a different version. If I want to hear "#me too" I can go to any of the alphabet networks that Trump derides. At least they are "up-front" with their prejudice and cynicism and you know what to expect.

Fox News talks a lot about, "Fair & Balanced" yet, when they interview an all-out Lib-O lefty, they NEVER insist that they answer their questions. Instead, they later slam the Lefty for what he did or didn't say and go to a revolving door of head-nodding, totally agreeable "guests" to affirm what they've just said of the Lefty.

THAT - Is NOT journalism, that is pandering to a captive audience of agreeable viewers and does nothing to stifle the other "Fake News" networks.

I thought that Tucker Carlson was refreshingly new at first. Now I see that he has been bought and neutered to Fox's corporate image. Bill O'Reilly actually is beginning to look better now and so is Sean Hannity, to a lesser degree. As far as Megan Kelly - Even if she uncrossed those ever present, prominently crossed legs, I couldn't watch her.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

How 'bout that crap! After two weeks of trying to post a comment BOOGER & CRAP-CHA allowed it. Turns-out it was caused by their sister GAGGLE's not given "Permission" by me. Tough Shit! The permission was granted for ONLY that, and this posting. We'll see what happens next. 1984 - "Big Brother" is still watching on BOOGER 34 years after.

Billll said...

Marxism is a religion disguised as a political movement. Islam is a political movement disguised as a religion.

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