Wednesday, May 02, 2018

OK - This is Old Stuff - But, I Post it Only
to Show the Degeneration of Political Comedy.

...Especially to Our President and his supporters. My, how times have changed - For the worse.

I have only listed the YouTube links for these wonderful old political comedy routines and one of the classic W.H. Correspondent's Association dinner routines because, they are all too large to attach en-masse. Just go to the links and get your giggles going without a foul word to be heard.

Johnny Carson as Reagan - A "Who's On First" Spoof

Don Rickles Goes Nuts at Ronald Reagan's 2nd Inaugural - Jan 1985

Steve Bridges as President George W. Bush at WHCA Dinner 2006

Nice, Ron

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MAX Redline said...

I miss Rickles.

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