Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today's $Mil Idea

Why is it  that nobody’s invented a  remote control device that would zap a phone call and automatically ignore  future calls?  I will guess that the inventor would become an overnight millionaire.

By the bye, we have been using a Panasonic phone system that barks up that tree but the data base was filled within 6 months and no (intuitive) way  to empty it. 


drew458 said...

I get those scam calls on both my phones several times a day. You know the ones ... the IRS back taxes scam, the jury no-show scam, the one for solar power. Each call is from a different phone number every day. I tried blocking them, and within a week my systems were filled. At this point, if the call is not from a number in my contacts, I don't answer or just reject the call. It sux.

Murphy(AZ) said...

This last week I have been informed that the IRS was on the way to arrest my sorry butt for something or other I did wrong. I let the callers know I'd be waiting; I have the coffee pot ready to go, and I've laid in a supply of Ships Ahoy and Nuther Bummer cookies, but I'm still waiting.

In my world, out of area code calls, unidentified calls, anybody I don't know, get blocked. Lots of scammers spoof all sorts of numbers, so if I don't recognize the number, you don't get through. Do Not Call lists are a joke, so I make my own.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ha, Murphy, we got that call last night.

Eskyman said...

There's an app called "Showcaller" (in the App Store, both Android & iOS) which I use, it's very handy for ID'ing calls and blocking them. Often I'll receive a call which is immediately rejected, since I've already blocked that number.

If I don't recognize the number I reject the call, which often leads to voicemail from the spammers; but that's at least easily deleted, and then I go back & block that number. Lately I just block everything, as almost all unknown numbers are spam.

These days spammers seem to have unlimited phone numbers that they can call from. I'd sure like to know how they get them!

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