Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Fine Geek

                                Techno Thrills

After getting the damage done by the recent Deep State attack (I didn't say that) on my Win 10 files, I figured it was time to get help with my MATRICs RF-FPGA in 180nm SiGe-on-SOI BiCMOS problem.  And lo!  Guess what?  The same guy who sorted my file corruption is the guy who I was referred to for the SOI BiCMOS enigma.  Joe Wood!  Now I have a great wife, and a computer guy who knows more than me. What else is there?

Say Amen.


Freddo said...

Good booze and perhaps a sigar?

Anonymous said...

Make sure your wife doesn't wake up next to him. He probably has morning wood.

Anonymous said...

What else is there?

Well, you still have that Italian beef recipe you shared with us a while back (quite a while back) so there's that.......

I still get it out once in a while.

Sir H the Comet

MAX Redline said...

Never have had a problem with Win 10, which runs on three of the systems. Two others are still on 8.1, and another runs Linux. No issues.

SoylentGreen said...

Well... My wife IS my Geek squad and fixes all things related to the home PCs, cell phones, network, routers and WiFi... so there's that. Plus in the mornings... uh never mind.

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