Thursday, June 14, 2018

Black America


The pre-welfare black society understood the necessity for respect and responsibility.  From slavery until LBJ's War on Poverty programs, intact black American families were the norm.  The church was the glue that sealed biblical bindings in the hearts and minds of the family.  Fathers governed their households, and young men were less likely to become criminals.  Fornicators and adulterers were unwelcomed parasites.  Premarital pregnancies were a rarity, as they were a cause for shame and reproach.

In 1950, eighty-five years after slavery, the two-parent black household was 78%.  By the mid-sixties, black lives started to matter much less under LBJ's Great Society.  Now, just fifty-three years after the War on Poverty began, the once stable two-parent black household has disintegrated to an abysmal 27%, and the black church is all but silent!  The roots of this catastrophe were sown the minute the black church started trusting in government instead of God.

For many years, I wondered why European Jews voluntarily marched into cattle cars to be shipped off to Nazi slaughterhouses.  How could they compliantly participate in their own destruction?  Why had so many lost the will to survive?  Or was it that so many thought their compliance would guarantee survival?  Some Jews thought not and fought to the death, like those in  the Warsaw ghettos, yet far too many didn't.  I always wondered why, until now.

This aging Baby-Boomer can no longer dwell on past Jewish deadly compliance because I'm faced with the deadly compliance of people who look like me.  The words of George Santayana are unknown to the less informed masses of black America, but the intended lessons should have been learned long ago.  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  Many of us forgot, and others never knew.

Black Americans are not being herded into cattle cars.  Today's eugenics is not publicly barbaric, nor is it the maturation of scientific fantasies.  It requires smooth lips instead of sharp tongues, pretended promises instead of protruding barbwire, and hidden death instead of open genocide. 

I've lived long enough to witness the racist pre-Civil Rights negro-controlling techniques evolving into the self-perpetuating genocidal black machine we have today.  What the Klan, Jim Crow, segregation, and every other racist policy couldn't accomplish has been accomplished beyond the expectations of the American Eugenics Society because of a singular unalterable fact.  The society that perverts the family structure of man, woman, and child cannot stand, because every society that abandons the truth of God will eventually collapse.  Once that foundation has eroded, the society will crumble under the sheer weight of its own depravity.


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Eskyman said...

Mr. Tolley is apparently a black man, and speaks well of how black Americans have abandoned God once their demands for "equality" were met: no separate drinking fountains, no back-of-the-bus, they can sit at the front counter in the diner (well, if there still were any diners with front counters that is.)

But God has been left behind, now that He is no longer needed. Black Americans are suffering many problems that they never had before, since now their faith is in Government. Families are sundered, drugs are rampant, fathers are nonexistent, so very many black men go to prison. He ends with: "The only hope for the black family is complete repentance and a return to trusting in God."

He's right, and said it very well. What he didn't say is that this is the only hope for the white family too; so it looks like some heavy seas ahead. All too often I'm glad I am old!

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