Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Blast From The Past

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

What about Scientologists?
Jonah Goldberg, a smart aleck after my own heart, observed recently that there were no Muslims in Star Trek, which spawned the expected rush of "Trekkie" repsonses, including:
Q: Why are there no Muslims on "Star Trek"?
A: Because it's set in the future.


jlw said...

your link says page not found, which is ok with me as i gave up on Goldberg and National Review when they went Never Trump. but maybe you can fix it for others.

Anonymous said...

My late father used to tell that joke but used 'The Jetsons" and black neighbors. Redneck that he was.


Unknown said...

I love that Star Trek joke!

On another note, my late friend Lewis J Elfstone used to say that his favorite episode of Star Trek was when Spock flipped open his communicator and said, "Would you beam me down a mirror and a razorblade please, Captain? According to my scanners, this planet's almost all cocaine!"

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