Thursday, June 07, 2018

Norm McDonald on Bad Liberal Comics


Norm McDonald on Bad Liberal Comics Who Use Trump as a Crutch

I love Norm McDonald, and there are scarce few videos of him, going back to SNL, that I haven't seen.  This, for the first time, shows NMcD at his most (brilliantly) introspective.  Watch.  Really. 


Skoonj said...

I liked his show where he had Nikki Cox as a hooker.

Juice said...

I've seen this a couple times before because we love Norm's thoughtful style of comedy and the delivery of it. Since there is so much negativity in a day we spend a fair amount of time with comedians over at youtube. Some of our favorites are: Sebastian Manascalco, Bill Burr, Jim Bruer, and of course, Brian Regan, Jim Gafigan, and John Pinette (RIP). Anyway, thanks for the Norm!

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