Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Complete ClusterF*ck



Rod Rosenstein marched out today in a carefully crafted (and interestingly timed) press conference to declare indictments against twelve Russian nationals with alleged ties to Russian intelligence/military agencies. Within seconds the Establishment Media was breathlessly going live with “Breaking News” reports on the significance of the indictments when in fact the indictments mean nothing beyond their own increasing desperation – and they all know it.  Keep reading the following update from a longtime DC staffer to understand why…

“So they have the rat (Rosenstein) give all their media friends a heads up about an announcement. That announcement is to say the DOJ is going to formally indict twelve Russian operatives for alleged hacking of the DNC, the Clinton campaign, blah-f*cking-blah, etc. This twelve Russians situation has been playing out for months. It’s a nothingburger. They could have announced this two months ago or two months from now. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

“Wanna know why? Because Mueller and Rosenstein are counting on the case never going to court. And they better hope not because discovery on this could be very damaging to the Deep State. The fact they proceeded with a public indictment announcement is proof positive how worried they’re getting. The announcement is a sign of a how big a clusterf*ck the entire Meuller investigation has become and believe me they know it. The whole thing is a very dangerous joke. It’s got agents pissed off. The higher-ups are doing all they can to keep a lid on it but that’s getting tougher by the day.

“Rosenstein is a criminal. My opinion. He’s a criminal agent. Mueller, Strzok, they’re all fingers from the same hand. They’re all hoping only their knuckles get scuffed in all of this and the whole hand doesn’t get cut off. That Strzok performance? It was horrible. Creepy as f*ck is what it was. A disgusting creature. You watch that and then you realize the kind of weird reptilian-eyed scum have been running our government at the highest levels for so long. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of everyone then I don’t know what will.

“And then we get the rat coming out today with the twelve Russian indictment thing for the DNC hack. I wonder how they came to that conclusion when the FBI never even reviewed the server. Right? Let that sink in. Rosenstein says there was a hack. How does he know? Because the DNC told him? What? Are you kidding me? How do you proceed with an indictment without even seeing the primary piece of evidence? Legally, it makes no sense. Illegally, cover-up wise, desperation-wise, that’s the only way it makes sense. Crowdstrike? A couple hundred grand can buy you any report you want. Since when does the FBI follow that like a dog’s nose to another dog’s ass?

As an aside, I could not for the life of me understand why AG Jeff Sessions has not fired this guy?  I guess this is why (Sessions told White House that Rosenstein’s firing could prompt his departure, too)  

I'm pretty sure that we, all of us here, knew pretty quick that Sessions was a huge mistake.  Was he threatened by the left with knowledge that his high school prom date was willing to testify that he touched her vajayjay on the way home?  Or is it that Sessions is a member in good standing of the Deep State?  I am operating under the assumption that after the midterms, the retiring Trey Gowdy will replace him. 


Jess said...

Sessions is part of the deep state. If Trump want's to make a strong push to rid the country of these seditionists, he'll fire Session, and place a bulldog in his position. Within months, the pressure will lead to a strong desire by the underlings to not spend years in prison.

Anonymous said...

Please. Not Gowdy. All hat, no cattle.

Anonymous said...

NO, Jess. If Sessions *were* Deep State, all you'd be saying Trump is an idiot and was fooled by a small-fry player.

Trump is NOT, and even *if* Sessions *had* "turned" on Trump in the past months, Trump would have fired him.

No, this confusion/contradiction is all part of "The Fog Of War" which is necessary to befuddle The Enemy until it is time to drop the hammer. My guess is that Trump is timing these events with two milestones: the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Anonymous said...

p.s. You'd do yourself a favor by looking at the twitter accounts of
_Imperator Rex_
DrawAndStrike (AKA Stealth Jeff)
Thomas Wictor
HFinch61 (AKA Harold Finch, Name Redacted)
among many, MANY others!

Eskyman said...

There is much more here than meets they eye. I too endorse what Anonymous @12:04 suggested, and would add The Conservative Treehouse.

Let's also remember someone who seldom gets his name in the media, but who should: Seth Rich. When is a hack not a hack?

When that rare breed known as a patriotic Democrat blows the whistle with a USB flash drive sent to WikiLeaks; it got him killed, by Democrats who do not share his patriotism. Russians need not apply, the job was purely local.

Anonymous said...

What we witnessed yesterday was a BIG FU from Mueller and the Deep State. Firing these two assholes {Sessions & Rosenstein} would be a good start. Then someone needs to go over to the fbi and turn over Wray's desk, expose him and fire his ass.

How the hell did they get a indictment when they never examined or did a forensics on the dnc server? Are they using Crowdsource for that indictment? Podesta was never hacked, he opened a Phishing email which exposed him for the dope he is.

Then that asshole Rosenstein lectures us about being Good Americans and Patriotism?

This is yet another nothingburger, just like the last one where Mueller never expects to ever gets his hands on these ruskies, only some of the last ones called his bluff and responded. Then Mueller had to run into Court and request a delay cause they weren't prepared to proceed......No Shit!

Be careful what you wish for with Trey Gowdy, he talks in great soundbites, but produces NOTHING. Just a month ago he was out there running cover for the doj & fbi and got hammered for it. The dems, the doj and the fbi have been shitting in his back pocket for a couple of years now and getting away with it.

I've never seen a Special Counsel roll out indictments like this, it's all to take some heat off their asses and to give the msm and dems something to sustain them for some more time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Geo, Got it all out of your system, now? Feeling better? I hope so.
NOW: all you're saying with "Fire X, Y and Z!" - as I wrote above - is that Trump is an idiot who was bamboozled by these guys.

I don't believe that. Do YOU? REALLY?!?
If Trump wanted ANY of those guys you mention GONE, they'd BE fired already.

You need to accept the pace is NOT geared for your satisfaction, but for maximum impact:
towards November 2018, and then even bigger things towards November 2020.

If you can't accept that, you need to STFU so you don't act like a TOKYO ROSE in dispiriting/demotivating potential Republican voters.

Area of agreement: Gowdy ain't it; he's all hat and midget (if any) cattle.

Ignore the sideshow "indictments" - meant to distract from the damage of the Strzok and Page Hearings - out of PURE DESPERATION...right after Crazy Pete's Public Exorcism!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3:14:

Smarten up....of course Trump was bamboolzed you idiot. Along with
numerous other people. You really believe at this point that Session's,
Rosenstein and others were wise selections?

The political shitstorm that would ensue, if any of them were fired now would
play right into the dems hands.

The sideshow indictments won't be the only thing I'll be ignoring for quite
some time. You can now replace your head to the full upright position, where
it came from. It was fun.


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your bunker and tin foil hat, Geo. So sad to be you.

Leonard Jones said...

I think there is more to these recent events than meets the eye. It looks
to me like the deep state swamp rats are looking for an exit to save their
own asses. Forget the fact that the FBI never had access to the DNC server.
This could just be a red herring. The American people have been hammered
with this phony Russian collusion narrative for 2 years. We heard that
12 Russian agents were indicted. The very next day Rod Rosenstein stated
that "No Americans were involved."

There are a dozen or more conspirators at the FBI and Justice Department
who might face conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges. Complex
conspiracies that involve too many people will always fail. Issuing 12
unenforceable indictments for a crime the FBI knows damn will did not
occur is a non-action. Rosenstein's statement may be setting up the
end game. What if Mueller folds up his investigation and declares that
there was no collusion?

Sooner or later, someone involved would spill their guts for immunity.
By shutting the investigation down all the players get to keep their
jobs, pensions, and save face. And if the president decides to fire
these corrupt assholes after the fact, the left will play it up like
a Soviet purge. These people have to find a way out because they left
a trail that Mr. McGoo could follow. A quiet exit may be their only
way out.

toadold said...

Sometime around late October The Trump campaign will start running video adds showing Ronstien's Smirk and others displaying their contempt for conservatives, straights, and the "average" American.

Leonard Jones said...

I friggin nailed it! I just read that Mueller is going to roll back his

Skoonj said...

The US has a law that makes it illegal to reveal the identity of an undercover intel official. Scooter Libby went to prison in the Valerie Plame affair. Do you suppose the Russians have a similar law? Mueller and Rosenstein revealed the identity of several Russian intel officers. If Putin demands the extradition of Mueller and Rosenstein, do you think President Trump would allow extradition as a good will gesture?

Anonymous said...

TO Leonard Jones
1) source/link, please
2) define what you mean/Mueller means by "roll back."

Leonard Jones said...


The wording was a bit vague but he stated that a "significant" portion of the
investigation would be wrapped up by the end of Summer. There is a link
to the Philidelphia Inquirer story at the Drudge Report. I think the
Deep state swamp rats are in over their heads. Despite wall to wall
coverage of the Russian collusion hoax, the public is not buying it and it
is having little to no effect on Trump's approval ratings.

The more these idiots dig in their heels, the more likely someone will
be hit with conspiracy or obstruction charges. They violated the first
rule of holes: When you find yourself in one, stop digging! There was a
Watergate-era quote about it's not the crime that will get you, it is the
coverup. Another thing to consider is that any action in furtherance
of a criminal resets the limitations clock.

I went ahead and copied the link for your convenience:

Skoonj said...

At the news conference today in Helsinki, President Putin invited Mueller over to Russia to observe the interrogations of the Russian intelligence officers. I hope Mueller goes. If I was right with my first post, when Mueller gets to Russia he will be arrested and slapped in irons as soon as he arrives. With luck, Putin won't have to extradite the bastard.

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