Friday, July 27, 2018

Baltimore was ROBBED!


The most corrupt city in America is none other than Chicago, following the windy city are Los Angeles, Manhattan, D.C., Miami, Newark, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Brooklyn.
  1. Chicago has been run by Democrats since 1933.
  2. Los Angeles has seen one Republican mayor since 1961.
  3. New York City has had two Republicans mayors since 1973, although it is worth noting one mayor became an independent after his first term.
  4. D.C. has had a Democratic mayor every term since 1975.
  5. Newark has had Democratic mayors every term since 1962.
  6. Cleveland has seen two Republican mayors since 1972.
  7. Philadelphia has had Democratic mayors since 1952.
  8. Richmond, perhaps most shocking, has only had one Republican mayor since 1868.
  9. New Orleans for its part has only had two Republican mayors since 1866, and both of those were during Reconstruction.
  10. Miami is the only city on the list with an even split of five Republicans and five Democrats since 1973.
But WAIT!.
How in hell did "Charm City" get shut out?
USA Today names Baltimore 'the nation's most dangerous city'

Baltimore's troubles are to be traced to its last Republican mayor, Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin, who left office in 1967.



Anonymous said...
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rickn8or said...

The source of Baltimore's current problems summed up in one photo.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ahem ... goes without saying.

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