Thursday, July 26, 2018

Should I open a "Session Does Something" File ?




CNN reported Tuesday evening that the Justice Department has told its attorneys that the term “undocumented” is inaccurate according to U.S. immigration law and that they should start using the legally correct term.

“Illegal alien” is the accurate term used in the U.S. Code, the email reportedly says.

The use of the term “illegal” in the nation’s immigration debate has come under increasing attack from immigrant-rights activists, who can frequently be seen holding signs saying “no person is illegal.”

The term “undocumented” has gained increasing currency in both their rhetoric and in the stylebooks of U.S. media outlets as a substitute.


Noncitizen immigrants find it easy to register to vote, cast ballots


ck said...

Xi, Merkel, May Kim all crushed by the Donald. But somehow Sessions is thwarting the president at every turn? Don't fall for the show designed for the rubes.

Anonymous said...

If by "does something,' you mean promote the so-called Deep State, I can support the idea. However, "illegal immigrant" has always translated to "Undocumented Democrat" in our house. --General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

MAX Redline said...

Just another media attempt to subvert our language and laws.

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