Thursday, August 23, 2018

AWOL Jeff Sessions Keeps Streak Alive – Another Deep State Crook Gets Off Scot-Free

People are always asking. "Say, Rodge ..                     

The Department of Justice declined to prosecute a corrupt FBI agent who took gifts and money from a “confidential human source.” The FBI agent also protected source’s illegal business and misused the FBI assets for personal gain.

The Jeff Sessions DOJ declined to prosecute. (STORY)


By now it's apparent to everyone that Jeff Sessions is a mole in thrall to Obama carryovers.  Maybe because Democrats (using info from Hillary's purloined FBI files) threaten him with something from his past (something almost every US Senator is saddled with, truth be known).  Or, maybe .... . 

There is no Maybe. 

ought dump Sessions today. Then, immediately fire Rod Rosenstein. Then, immediately fire third-in-line Rachel Brand (Obama era appointment).  

We see, then,  the magnitude of Trump's DOJ problem.  In my novel I solve it by sending assassins,  dressed in ISIS garb, to kill everyone in the DOJ   government that was appointed during the  Obama terror. 



Leonard Jones said...

Jeff Sessions used to be a stand-up guy. He battled the Klan in Alabama
as a state and federal Attorney General. Something or someone got to him.
He is either a member of the deep state or someone in the deep state has
something on him.

Gregory said...

you're right Roger. I wish that would happen too.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the zeal that Session's FBI has went after the underage sex trade and child porn online that has not been covered by the MSM. Let's not forget that the previous administration's tapped all kind of files (the Clinton's were found with over 900 raw FBI files in the white house just after the statute of limitations ran out). When did Jeff Sessions begin only meeting with women when his wife is present or door is open occur? What Judicial Watch says FBI "compromised moles" in all campaigns

Wen du we walk to DC?
Liberty does not happen bcuz we are working our jobs.

Skoonj said...

Rush had a caller today at the end of the first hour. He had the same take as me, that the strife between Trump and Sessions was acting, that actual investigating is being done in Utah, and that there will be indictments at the appropriate time. He didn't mention the "night of the long knives" but there was a hard break. Remember, no one insults or injures Trump without serious consequences. Rush did say he has talked to people who have been in the White House when Sessions and Trump were meeting, and there was no animosity that they could see.

I don't know Trump's timetable on this, but I'm more that willing to sit back and watch. And hope.

Anonymous said...

you could say I lost my faith...
I'll believe it when I see it, but I quit holding my breath years ago.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to read less CA-RAY-ZEE Drama Queen Hoft (of Gayway Pundit),
and more (at twitter):

among others....

Skoonj said...

Anonymous, your entry cannot be understood by me.

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