Friday, August 17, 2018


Aug. 10, 2018

By nearly every standard measure, the American economy is doing well — and better than it was a year and a half ago, before Donald J. Trump was elected president. If only the debate over who deserves most of the credit were as easily judged.

Americans’ perceptions of the economy’s prospects increasingly depend more on their political identity than statistics on output or stock markets. So each new economic report — whether the latest monthly jobs figures or the quarterly growth estimate — reignites the feud between Trump supporters and critics.

The same gauges that illustrate this administration’s economic successes also make clear that they are built on the achievements of the previous one, and that the economy is following the upward trajectory begun under President Barack Obama. 

[...] And although it’s still early, Mr. Trump looks to be headed in the same direction, Ms. Vavreck said. Sunnier views of the economy have so far failed to raise Mr. Trump’s approval rating above 50 percent.

[I am Not Making this up]

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By the by ...The HILL is an official Democrat Party news agency.

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Bill W. said...

A simple way to discount this is to ask: "Name ONE --- only ONE --- Obama economic policy that turned the economy around/spurred the current growth. ONE. We'll wait." I get that look a dog has when you pass the ball from one hand to the other. These "economists" can't name ONE either. I scanned the article, didn't see ONE.

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