Saturday, August 11, 2018



Steve in Greensboro said...

D’Souza says “Democrats are the real racists.”

So why are all the commies in my neighborhood driving around in their Priuses with the little “equals sign” on their back bumper? We know that one of the religious tenets of progressivism is that everybody is 100% equal to everybody else. Every race is equal in every way to every other race. Men are equal to women in every way. Of course, this is pure insanity, but progressives believe it. So why does D’Souza say that Dems believe otherwise? They don’t. (Of course they have a different view of whites, but we will leave that alone for now.)

D'Souza says “saying Presidents Andrew Jackson and James Knox Polk are great presidents means that you support contemporary Dems like Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton because they all belong to the Democrat party.”

Andrew Jackson was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans, he paid off the national debt and closed down the then existing national bank. James Knox Polk established the current borders of the U.S. by bringing in the Texas Republic, the Oregon Territory and the Mexican Cession. Both were members of the Democrat party and both are among the greatest American presidents. Putting them in the same class with the Kenyan, the Rapist and the Harpy because they all belong to a party with the same name is insane.

When D'Souza spouts this garbage, he makes conservatives look foolish.

Eskyman said...

@Steve in Greensboro-

Apparently you're a Democrat; they *say* everyone is equal, and drive their little Piouses around virtue-signalling with that bumper sticker; but they certainly don't believe what they're saying, that's just for public consumption.

They hope some suckers will believe it, but they don't themselves! I.e. that's why they think black people aren't capable of getting ID for voting even though they'll say that blacks are just as smart as whites. Ergo, D'Souza is correct.

He's also correct when he says that today's Dems hope that everyone will associate historical Democrats like Andrew Jackson (could've mentioned JFK, too) with today's corrupt versions like they're all the same. That IS the point, glad you got it!

The Democrat party is hoping no one realizes that the party has turned hard left and is far more corrupt than in the past. He also talks about how they're attempting to re-write history: Lincoln was a Dem, the party of the KKK was the Republican party, etc. It's all BS, but the Dems do convince a lot of young people who don't know history (and don't know any better, since most of their teachers are useless Dems.)

Dinesh D'Souza does a great job of explaining this corruption. Looks like you're one of those trying to throw shade on the truth; or you're exceptionally dumb. My bet is, you're actually a Democrat and are furious your dirty little Democrat secrets are being exposed!

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