Thursday, August 09, 2018

Football Season Approaches

Three young men, just arrived at LSU to start college, were relieving some stress with a nice sauna. Two of the young men were from Baton Rouge, LA. The third, Boudreaux, was from Thibodaux, deep in the Louisiana Bayou. 

The two city boys were talking about their new smartphones. One had an iPhone X and the other a Samsung S9. Boudreaux, sitting there with his flip phone, was feeling low. 

On the first days of school, Boudreaux didn't want these city boys thinking he was not hi tech so he gets up, let's his towel fall, and walks out naked to the bathroom. 

A few minutes later Boudreaux walks in naked and has toilet paper stuck in his butt crack trailing behind.

One of the other boys said: "Boudreaux, you have toilet paper stuck in your backside."

Boudreaux says: "No sirree. I'm receiving a fax." 


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