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One of the things all despot regimes eliminate is ...

"Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer"

I transcribed part of the video.  It's a tedious job, so I may certainly have botched some of it. 

I don't agree with some of their interpretations I don't fault them at all,  for their methodology and for the conclusions they reached in terms of the data itself.  Here's what happened.

They looked at sexual abuse of minors by priests from 1950 to 2002.  They concluded that 81% of the victims were post-pubescent males.  81%! Of course 100% of the victimizers were male . Now that's obviously a problem of homosexuality.

The John Jay study explicitly said that less than 5 percent of the victims were a result of
pedophilia.  Less than five percent!  So all the media who said we have a pedophilia scandal; they're all lying.  All you have to do is look at the report.  It's been a homosexual scandal all along, and unless we come to grips with that we are never going to resolve this problem.

... the study to figure it out,  by the way -- the studies, by Robert Mickens, finally said Wow! Okay, we do have to admit it's homosexual driven. That's at that at least breaking the ice to some extent and, telling the truth but then he says that's because gays are in the closet, and that's why they're acting out ....

Let's see now in the 1950s;  that was the most traditional period in the history of the Catholic Church in America.  We didn't have this problem in the 1950s.  There were no reports,  almost no reports of any type of sexual molestation and miscondu. The problem occurred in the 60s and 70s and in the 1980s.   The first half of the 80s... we know what the timeline is.  Its when the gays came out of the closet when they felt free to do whatever they wanted. 

In the 1970s that  problem exploded. Now, this is not a call to go out and and oppress  homosexuals.  I'm simply saying this and, I've said it before,  it needs to be said again,  particularly now that the problem is back. 

Most gay priests are not molesters,  but most of the molesters have been gay.  Now let me add one more thing.  Every time we have this discussion, especially recentlypeople think it's ongoing.  It's not ongoing.  0.006 percent of over 50,000 members of the clergy last year had a substantial allegation against him the year before it was 0.004. so it's point oh five percent of the clergy. Of the priests and deacons,  over the last two years that had had a credible accusation made against him.

 Our problem is not today. It may be in Honduras and Chile; it's not in America . Our problem today is how to handle the problems that we are still coming out from the 1940s 50s and 60s but let's face i,  this is not about homosexuals being in the closet.  They came out of the closet and we know what they did.

There are others who say, and I've seen this all over social media, that this is an argument that the church needs to open up the priesthood to married men.  Would that would that solve this crisis?

Well I'm tempted to say yes,  because that  would  [suggest] the church seems to be unable to come to grips with the homosexual problem it's that deep it's in Rome. It's in the United States. It's all over the world!  So that if they're incapable of reform, maybe that's the only way to deal with it;  however I caution people the Episcopal Church allows for married clergy (and) they have a large percent of gay priests in the Episcopal Church.  You don't necessarily get rid of that
particular problem.

Again look.  If you're gay and you're celibate nobody cares. Unfortunately, so many of gay priests as,  say not majority,  but a large percentage of them have been involved.  They're the ones driving the problem.  It's not pedophilia.  We know that that argument is done with, so we have to deal with the homosexual element.

 [Aroyo] I want to shift gears Bill.  On Monday, when Attorney General Jeff,,Sessions announced the creation of a new,task force on religious liberty this would be within the Justice Departmentit would protect people's religious, freedom and convictions.  Here's what he
had to say about the current state of religious freedom watch.  Tthere can be no doubt that we are stronger as a nation, because of the contribution of religious people.  But in recent years the cultural climate in this country, and in the West more generally,  has become less hospitable to people of fait. 

Now Bill the the reaction from some groups likePlanned Parenthood has been incredible!

They call this task force quote another license to discriminate against women.  LBGT people, immigrants communities of,color and,  so many more.  Your reaction?

Look, we Chronicle this stuff in the Catholic League. Obviously, and up until a baby about eight years ago nine years ago almost all of the problems that we had came from the arts education largely from the media, in terms of defaming the church ...  the attacks have been coming from
government since the Obama years. Tthe Obama administration was the least  friendly of any Administration in American history.

The Trump administration is the most Catholic friendly and the most pro-life administration I've ever seen in my lifetime,  and good for processions for bringing this up.  Of course, the
pro-abortion and the pro gay groups, they're the ones going apoplectic over this because they don't believe in religious liberty.

Religious liberty is a central component of the First Amendment. The idea of sexual orientation,  and acting out and things of that nature is, not a part of our Constitution.  It doesn't mean that the gays shouldn't be respected of course they should be but the fact of the matter is if you have a
people of faith...  a Mormon couple could be, or Muslim,  could be Orthodox Jew could be traditional Catholic evangelical and .... and they want to adopt a child they have


... that's why they the church had to give up Catholic Charities, and  the adoption in Illinois
Massachusetts Washington DC and other places  ...  we have a fight here going on between
gay activists who are trying to erode religious liberty and those of us who were standing firm against them.

 I want to bring your attention a story the AP wrote,  and it's gotten a lot of
traction.   It's about nuns who are abused by the clergy. Give me your general reaction to it. 

[Aroyo] I mean,  when I read the piece you're talking about  ... half a dozen nuns in Chile a sister in Africa, how widespread is this and what do you make about reportage well this was


Mother Teresa's order is currently under investigation. They claimed that there are allegations
of selling babies for adoption.

Now the missionaries of charity stopped dealing with childhood option in 2015, because of the thing you mentioned a moment ago wher Indian law allowed for divorced and single people to adopt and and so they got out of the adoption business.

Sister Prima, who was the head of the missionaries of charity ... they've gotten a bad rap on this. There were four babies who were sold by a lay woman. A layman not by a nun. Sister Cristina  was her boss, and and she questioned her about this and said what is going on she was the one
who pressured her on this and then apparently was forced to make some statement by that by the police she told her lawyer this whole thing is a setup.

No nun was involved in this , whatsoever, There was one lay women who was involved and they
take this as an opportunity to wrap the Catholic Church,  and then of course some of them attacked mother Teresa. See that's what I'm saying. The hatred that's out there and, it's a different pockets
about the world if you see what an apparent problem of the Catholic Church...Let's need them in the groin one more time and see if we can't bring them down.

Bill Donohue; Catholic League at Catholic

Here's the full video

*Voltaire  does not say whether or not God actually exists, only that belief in God is a good thing and atheism is bad for society. Over the life of this blog I've also argued that the athiest is sheltered from Godless world  fallout because they were raised in a socity where the constraints based on, say,  the Ten Commandments, were embedded in the firmamnet.  When the school day began with a prayer and Bible reading, you stood and accepted it.  Didn't matter if you felt "whatever dude. I'm okay, you're okay;" those religious guardrails, and the expectation of certain behavior

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