Wednesday, August 01, 2018

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For Democrats It’s Always
Plus Ca Change, Plus C’est La Meme Chose

Who are these idiot liberals and why does anyone listen to them and their massive lies?

For American liberals, there are heavy contradictions in their rhetoric and language. If liberal Democrats were unable to beat their gums in a circular fashion and contradict themselves with their meaningless babble, they would have nothing to say at all.

Liberals say not a word when Barack Obama’s indifference and aloofness causes immigrant children to be placed in the hands of sex-traffickers, but climb all over President Trump when children are placed in protective custody because their parents are awaiting trial or are actually in prison for crimes they have committed.
On one hand, they kill babies in order to sell their body parts, and then wail and moan about the cruelty of at the southern border where, for their own protection, some children are separated from adults.

 Then these unthinking libs write welfare laws that edict that a father is not be allowed to live with his children’s mother while benefits are being paid to her. This separation of families is, of course, ideal for liberals, who use the welfare system to entrap welfare recipients who will vote for liberal Democrats as long as the goodies continue to flow. This arrangement means getting rid of the father, who may be a source of support for the family and replace the government as the source of subsistence, but if a Republican administration separates a family for any reason, he’s treated like a Hitler.

Next, our Democrat pals will speak of how crowded and dirty our big cities have become, and then they’ll encourage Mexicans and Central Americans to come to American sanctuary cities, themselves already hives of murder, disease, filth, poverty and criminal activity, where these illegal aliens can reintroduce diseases Americans haven’t seen for decades and continue to practice their native nation’s brand of failed economic and political practices, the very things they are trying to escape by coming to America.

Why waste all this ink?  When others have offered the same argument a thousand times?  Sigh.

Because we have too.  Like this.

How a country commits suicide

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