Friday, September 28, 2018


Juice said...

Sweet all in the family stuff. Two sons and a grandson? Love it!
Filmed in 2011, the bossy boss must be nearing retirement. Good looking family, you should be proud, Rodger and MoSup.

Gregory said...

WTF? I could only look at about 1:30. Who gives a hoot?

Cuzzin Rick said...

I give a hoot....and I think a lot of others do too, including Juice. Once Gregory gets up in the morning with a clearer mind, he will reflect on the relative value of C&S vs. his subscription rate, and realize he was out of line.

Seems to me you are the "Site Master", and everyone else has the option of following C&S, or not.

Just sayin'

Ed "FishStyx" Hamilton said...

...believe I fall into the "others" category as well.
I've been lurking here for well over a decade(How time flies!).
First and last site I hit EVERY DAY. FOR OVER A DECADE!!
You keep doin' YOU, Rodger!
"We're picking up what you're throwing down" as they say.
I'm still enjoying the ride!

Juice said...

Dittos to Cuzzin Rick and FishStyx - over a decade here also. It's a homey place.

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