Monday, September 24, 2018

Surprise? I think not.


Security Risk:
Meet Senator Chris Murphy’s long-time Communist Party USA staffer

In June 2014 Maxwell Goldman served as a Connecticut delegate to the Communist Party USA National Convention in Chicago.

Is it okay for a United States senator serving on the Foreign Relations Committee to employ an aide who is a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA)? What could be the security implications of such a relationship?

For several years, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) employed CPUSA member Maxwell Goldman in a variety of positions.

Maxwell Goldman started as a field organizer for Murphy’s campaign in April 2012, and continued employment until at least September 2016, when he worked as a senior outreach assistant at the senator’s Hartford, Connecticut office.

[After college Goldman worked as a field organizer for Dan Malloy’s campaign for Connecticut governor, followed by a stint with the heavily Communist Party USA-influenced Connecticut SEIU.

In June 2014 (while employed by Sen. Murphy) Maxwell Goldman served as a Connecticut delegate to the Communist Party USA National Convention in Chicago.)

[...] As a member of the Connecticut branch of the CPUSA, Goldman serves alongside some very well-connected people.

Connecticut party chair Joelle Fishman, is chair of the party’s political action committee, which works closely with the Democratic Party. She is also the daughter-in-law of Roosevelt-era Soviet spy ringleader Victor Perlo.

Connecticut communist Lisa Bergmann gave a report, on behalf of the Young Communist League to a gathering of the communist-controlled World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFTY), in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2011. WFTY, incidentally, is poised to host a major international communist youth festival in Sochi this coming October – on Vladimir Putin’s personal instructions.



Anonymous said...

"What is the Hatch Act for $1000, Alex.

Linda Fox said...

I keep hoping to find out that these sites are parodies. I'm appalled by the tone-deafness of this.

Le' me see.

(1) Trump is deserving of impeachment because he is in collusion with Russia - no evidence that wasn't manufactured by HRC and the Dems, but...

(2) A Democratic Senator, sitting on the Foreign Relations Committee has a CPUSA staffer, In 2014, that staffer, Goldman, was a CT delegate to the Communist Party National Convention. The CT party chair is the daughter-in-law of the Soviet spymaster Victor Perlo.


Nah. Because Trump and Kavanaugh.

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